Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with everyone chatting and enjoying. Pritam sees it. Amrita gears door bell and opens it to find Kabir. Everyone gets shocked seeing him and asks why he’s there. Kabir says that he got fired and everyone asks the reason for it. Kabir says his boss has gone bad which is why he fired him. Angad shuts him as his boss gave 1 lakh within 2 months and asks him the real reason. Kabir recalls Shetty lashing out at him and calling him cheat. Dolly says that ot was her who gave the idea and pleads him to give a chance to Kabir

. She asks Meera to say something. Shetty asks how did they know Meera and she asks if she’s also involved in their forgery. Kabir refuses and shuts Dolly. He says that it was Meera who rejected him and shuts Dolly. Dolly pleads Shetty but Shetty says that he would call police and asks him to give the 1 lakh he borrowed the next day.

Kabir asks for some time and so does Meera as just baby shower ceremony took place in his house. He gives one week time to return the money or else would her arrested. Angad furiously asks if he blackmailed his Boss and gets shocked. Amrita slaps Kabir and is ashamed of his actions. She says that if his brother was alive then he would have been ashamed of him. Nimmo too lashes out at him. Amrita says she thought he’s just making silly mistakes but he went to the extent of blackmailing. Dadaji says Kabir that he didn’t do right. Guneet says that he was proudly saying everyone about his job and is now ashamed. Dadaji consoles him while Guneet asks where will he get the money to pay back as everything is spent for ceremony. Pritam sees it all and thinks that he did such a big act.

Meera comes home and gets worried about Kabir. She wonders if she would call Angad but immediately changes her thoughts. She thinks that Kabir understands her Better than Angad. She feels bad for him when KK comes there. He asks why she’s speaking to herself. Meera says nothing and KK says that Aapa has left to Chandigarh to meet a relative. They hear Naveen and Divya fighting and Divya accuses him for stealing her money. In their fight his drug packet falls down. KK gives both money to end the fight while Naveen hides the drug packet. No one notices it as they are busy calling Aapa. Pritam gets Mansour’s call who says that he got permission to attend his child’s birthday

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Pritam gets very happy as last time he didn’t get to attend it as that woman didn’t even let him see his face. He says that he will arrange big gifts and says him that Kabir lost his job. Mansour says that he will speak with Dadaji. Pritam gets pictures of Naveen with drugs.

Precap :

Pritam is talking with his friend about the drugs when Amrita comes there. Guneet decides to sell his job while Amrita has other plans.

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