Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Chikoo cries and says noone needs her. Nupur tells her that every kid is special and I want you get so much love and care and I want you to make best Chikoo. Chikoo says she is bad luck and their is no space for best in her life. Nupur asks her to give her chance to prove it as she needs to try to achieve things. Chikoo agrees than Nupur asks her to comeout so they can have breakfast with family. Chikoo comesout hearing Nupur words.

Milind shows plan to Savitri for their premium houses. Savitri asks him to gavr breakfast. Nupur brings Chikoo to dining table and she sits on floor than Nupur makes her sits in chair. Aarav says he won’t sit with her than Nupur says it’s bad Aarav, I will make you meet with her again and she about to make them friends but Kamini denies to allow her kids to make friendship with Chikoo. Chikoo surprised seeing so much food and she mistakenly hurts Aarav than Kamini sends her son to his room. Chikoo sits up suddenly which makes juice fell on table which spoils Milind dream project papers. Milind scolds Chikoo for spoiling it. Nupur takes side of Chikoo but Milind won’t losten her and shouts at her. Chikoo runs from that place.

Nupur says she is kid and do you behave in this way if Aarav or Nivaan did the same mistake. Milind says she is outsider and Aarav and Nivaan are this house kids and you lost right to enter Payal room and I’m hoing to lock her room. Chikoo thinks who’s Payal and what room they are thinking. Nupur argues with Milind saying Payal is their kid and asks him to don’t do it. Chikoo thinks why these rich people behaves in this way land maybe my Mummy is also from rich family that’s why she may throw me in Dustbin in her bad time and Rangoli Mom take care of me but mu Destiny snatched her from me.

Milind locks Payal’s room. Nupur request him to not snatch that room from her which is her life but he won’t listen. Chikoo thinks what’s in that room. Milind says you ended our relationship for that Chikoo. Nupur says you’re thinking wrong and please try to understand my situation. Milind says no need of explanation so leave me alone. Nupur in tears says that room is her peace and life so don’t stop me to enter that room as I may die. Milind says die because it won’t affect me. Nupur gets shocked. Milind gets call and he asks her to leave from his room. Nupur leaves in teafs than he closes his room.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Kamini sees the arrangements of Kanya pooja. Savitri feels happy with the arrangement than she asks Milind to meet the guest. Kids comes to the pooja. Savitri asks her son’s to take the kids. Guest asks Milind about Nupur. Milind tells them she was busy. Savitri asks Milind if he told to Nupur that she can’t attend pooja with that kid. Nupur thinks to attend the pooja than she notices the letter to not attend the pooja as it’s related to Joshi’s family. Nupur sits crying near Payal room door. Chiku looks on and thinks I didn’t see her crying alone, I will find out the secret hidden behind the room.

Precap –:

Chikoo dnters to Payal room and Nupur says Payal seeing Chikoo.

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