Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Nupur cries reminscing Milind words. Nupur says I denied you to tell everyone about Aarav and Nivaran but you breaked my trust and making me humiliated and you’re taking revenge on me and thinking that I burnt Orphanage like everyone right? And I hate my Mom for throwing me in dustbin and now I’m hating you more than my Mom as you’re hurting me every day and I’m unable to bear your family insults. Nupur tries to talk with her but Chikoo leaves without listening to her.

Chikoo tells to Bappa that why everyone is calling me with names and why you separated me from family. Nupur asks Bappa why Chikoo and Milind are misunderstanding me? And what I have to do to win their trust? Please show me the way. Chikoo plans to escape from Nupur place in the night time. Milind remembers his happy moments with Nupur and Nupur remembers her moments with Payal and waits to get her Payal.

Chikoo thinks I will live near Dustbin but I can’t live here and it’s better to live alone remembering my momments with my family and why everyone leaves me, am I that bad? Than she packd her bags and goes to take her photo with Mummy than she takes the photo and closes her backpack zip and tries to escape through window but she gets scares seeing height. Nupur prays Devi maa to let them get their Payal to save their relationship. Chikoo shouts Mummy by swinging ar window point. Nupur comes to room and saves her than she scolds her for risking her life. Chikoo says it’s better to stay near Dustbin than staying in this house as everyone hates me here. Nupur says everyone is thinking you as culprit so don’t behave in badtameez way as you have to stay here for sometime so sit and think what bad you have did and she leaves her in room by closing windows and door. Chikoo says she is bad like others. Nupur leaves saying she will do what she feels is good for her.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Next day Kamini says last jight I heard some sounds like cats are fighting and where is that kid. Nupur tries to wakeup Chikoo but she throws Nupur thinking Tanki and throws things. Family members listens those sounds, Kamini says these are sounds she heard last night than Savitri says we kept wild cat at home so don’t consider those sound. Nupur wakesup Chikoo and asks her to get freshen up to have breakfast with family and Chikoo denies but she makes her wash her teeth than she asks her to take bath. Chikoo tells her fine and send her from washroom than she closes her door and asks her to send her chai and biscuits. Nupur says you have to take breakfast duth family as it’s not good to have tea and biscuits. Chikoo says this family hates me and we are different from eachother in nature so you don’t know how I felt infront of them as you’re like them. Nupur and Chikoo sits near door in the opposite sides.

Precap –:

Milind denies to allow Nupur to their Payal room. Nupur cries helplessly. Chikoo thinks to find what’s in that room.

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