Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Pandit asking for Nupur. Kamini taunts her while Milind asks him to continue without Nupur but Nupur comes there with offering. They asks whether she thought that everything could become alright between her and her husband if she follows certain rules. Nupur says that she’s just following the tradition of the house. Nupur asks Pandit to wait as he she would go and bring Chikoo with her. Kamini stops her and warns her to not bring any outsider to their pooja and others agree with her too. She asks her to throw the dress away but Nupur doesn’t. Kamini herself burns the dress. They asks whether she wants to do Pooja with them or Chikoo. Nupur jets worried.

Kamini’s kids scare Chikoo using a fake toy car sound and she runs away scared. Mummy is angry at kids for earning very low. They reason that Chikoo is not there because of which they couldn’t earn much. She warns them to not say a word about ungrateful Chikoo and lashes out at them. They all gets scared. Kamini’s kids push scared Chikoo in cupboard and locks it from outside. A kid asks Mummy for food and she gives something not edible. She says that they will get good food only if they brings more money and asks them to have it. They have it having no option.

Pooja starts and Nupur thinks how will she make everyone understand about Chikoo and prays to give her strength. Nupur senses something weird and leaves the pooja. Everyone notices it. Nupur searches for Chikoo as she finds her missing. She finds her bag outside cupboard and opens it to find Chikoo unconscious in it. The photo falls down. Kamini complaints that Nupur couldn’t even stay during Arti. She says that she knows only to show off. Kamini says that her love, care, tradition are all just a show off and Milind agrees with it. He leaves upset while his mother prays to get relieved of Chikoo and Nupur.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Nupur tries waking up Chikoo and wonders how could she would’ve entered the cupboard. Chikoo wakes up and Nupur asks her how she got locked up in the cupboard. Chikoo says Aarav and Vivan locked her up. Nupur wants to question them but Chikoo stops her. She says none are going to believe her and asks her to let it be. Nupur comes to get Prasad and Kamini taunts her. Nupur taunts her back for not raising kids well. Everyone supports Kamini and scolds Nupur for pointing finger at their kids. Nupur says that it was them who locked Chikoo in cupboard that she became unconscious. Kamini says that she would’ve tried to steal from cupboard and would’ve got caught and warns her to not say anything about her son. Nupur argues with her when Milind comes there. He scolds Nupur for questioning family for some thief and bursts out how she ended their marriage and promised to not have another kid until Payal gets back. He blames her for their condition and badmouths Chikoo. Chikoo gets disheartened.

Precap :

Nupur pleads Chikoo to give her a Chance.

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