Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Chikoo enters to Nupur place, Nupur sees her footprints and smiles than She says Aai, you worship Durga maa with Kanya pujan, Durga maa has come home in Chikoo way and she too enters inside and takes blessings of Devi maa.

Rangoli spoils the clothes and things kids used to use and she asks why they returned to her. Sulab holds her feet and asks her to allow them saying they don’t have any place to stay. Rangoli says you trusted that snake aunty and left from here without thinking about me so leave from here. Kids asks her to forgive them. Rangoli says you have to bear the individual punishment to stay with me. Tanki asks if Chikoo too gets the punishment.

Chikoo gets surprised seeing big house. Nupur tells to Chikoo that she will show her room than she calls Aarav and Diwar than she asks them to make Chikoo as their friend when they are making fun of Chikoo. They about to shake hand with Chikoo but Kamini stops them and warns them to stay away from Chikoo.

Rangoli says Chikoo may stay near dustbin so never take her name otherwise you will get severe punishment. Tanki says they won’t take Chikoo name. Rangoli says you take her name so punishment starts from you and she asks him to clean her chappals. Nupur makes Chikoo meets with her father in law and she asks Chikoo to call him as Dadu and she goes to set her room leaving her with her father in law.

Nupur sees Milind needed water than she makes him drink water. Savitri comes to Nupur and says I gave you one month time and you’re guest to this family so don’t try to meet my son. Nupur says sorry, I just came here to take my things. Savitri asks her to leave taking her things. Nupur Apologizes to Milind about fire accident. Milind says it was an accident not your mistake. Nupur says thank you and I know you will understand me. Milind says you hurted me and I tried to understand you by coming to orphanage but you breaked our marrital bond for some kid and Aai is correct that you always hurt me and thanks for ending our relationship. Nupur tries to tell him something but Savitri insists her to leave.

Aarav and Diwar plays in the home and their ball hits Maata rani bhogh and than its about to hit Grandpa but she holds the ball and save him. Kids gets tired with Rangoli punishments. Sulab says Chikoo ruined our life and we used to feel happy at orphanage but she snatched it. Savitri scolds Chikoo for ruining Bhogh. Chikoo tries to tell it’s mistake of Aarav and Diwar than Kamini slaps her for blaming her kids. Nupur shouts Kamini. Chikoo leaves from that place.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Nupur confronts Kamini how can she behave in this way with kid? Kamini husband says you can’t talk anything as you’re not our Milind wife. Nupur questions Savitri if it’s correct to slap a kid? I get here to give her good future like you said in Payal smarak meeting and she warns Kamini that she will forget her tameez if she mistreats Chikoo. Chikoo cries seeing her photo with Rangoli. Nupur comes to Chikoo room and asks her to open the door. Chikoo in tears asks her to leave. Nupur says evening we have pooja so join the pooja and I will meet you there.


Kamini denies to allow Chikoo in pooja. Nupur goes to bring Chikoo to pooja but she notices Chikoo is unconscious in cupboard.

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