Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Farhad says to Raghav that he did everything to finalise the deal. Raghav asks Farhad where is Mr.Dasari. Farhad says to Raghav that he received a call from Mr.Dasari’s assistant who told him they will be a little late. Raghav then receives a call from ACP Laxmi Singh who asks him is he planning on her transfer. Raghav says to ACP yes because he don’t want an irresponsible person like her. ACP asks Raghav that he is having a business meeting with Mr.Dasari right and he is one of the best business man who don’t do any illegal business and if he learns that he is involved in illegal business then he will cancel the deal with him. Raghav asks ACP what he wants from her. ACP asks Raghav to come and meet him because she don’t want to put her in trouble. Raghav agrees to meet ACP and asks Farhad to handle the meeting with Mr.Dasari. He then leaves the house. Mr.Dasari tells Esha they have finally arrived at Mr.Rao’s house.

Esha sees the house and thinks Raghav’s words about having a big house which will be the city’s best house. Raghav leaves the house the same time Mr.Dasari and Esha enters the house. Farhad invites them and tells Raghav has an important meeting so he left the house but he will be back soon. Esha looks at the living room and recalls Raghav’s words that his idea about the living room of his house which he is going to built in the future. The FB shows in which he also tells Esha that he is going to put his photo in the living room. Esha asks Raghav to.frame it in brown color also put as per Vastu. Raghav agrees. Esha checks and smiles thinking Raghav did everything as per her wish. Farhad introduces himself and asks Esha is she okay. Esha says yes she is okay. Then they decides to talk about the business deal.

Sunny arranges the cupboard and tells Keerti that he is arranging place for his son’s clothes. Keerti asks Sunny how he know they are going to have a son. Sunny tells it’s because of his sixth sense. Keerti tells Sunny that she is happy if its son or daughter but all she want is their child to grow up in their house. Sunny tells Keerti that this is also her house. Keerti says its neither her father’s house nor her grandfather’s and she don’t want her child to grow up like a charity person so asks Sunny to focus on his carrier and buy a new house. Sunny tells Keerti that they have time till the baby comes to the world until then they can stay here but Keerti says that he has three months time before that he needs to buy a new house or else then stops takking further and leaves the place. Sunny says don’t know what kind of person Keerti is and where from she is thinking all this. ACP asks Raghav to stop her transfer and promises to never come in his way if he dont get involved in illegal business. Raghav asks ACP the real reason but ACP resuses.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Raghav tells ACP that he will think about it. He then tells ACP she is in this position because of her own mistake and leaves. ACP tells to herself that she can’t let herself down that too infront of her daughter so she needs this posting. Sulochana stops Mansi from going out saying according to her horoscope she is going to get hurt. Amruta comes there and makes fun of Sulochana’s thinking. Sulochana then asks Amruta to be careful too because her marriage life will take a toll but Amruta tells she didn’t married yet so it’s not applicable for her. Sulochana asks Amruta that her and Pallavi’s sun sign is same right and asks her to call Pallavi and asks her to be aware. Amruta calls Pallavi and tells her what Sulochana told her. Pallavi laughs and tells Amruta to thank Sulochana for worrying about her also she will take care of her marriage life. Sulochana gets happy. Pallavi tells that astrologers are weird to right such things. She then gets a call from Farhad saying Raghav is not there for the meeting he arranged so she decides to go and take care of Raghav’s business partner.

Esha tells Farhad that they need to make a little changes after that everything is fine. Mr.Dasari tells Farhad that they can finalize the deal. He then calls Raghav and tells him the deal has been finalized and asks Raghav to talk to his Vastu expert. Esha gets tensed. Raghav says hello and when he hears Esha’s voice he asks her have they meet ever and Esha cuts the call. Raghav thinks why he is having a feeling its Esha’s voice. He then sess balloons and recalls how Esha and him kissed in the public when she gave him the ballon and wonders why he is having these memories all of sudden. Esha tells Mr.Dasari and Farhad that she has another meeting so she has to leave but before she could leave Pallavi comes there and asks them to have samosas then leave. Both Esha and Pallavi gets surprised seeing each other.. Pallavi tells Farhad that the saree which Esha wearing now is bought in her boutique.

Esha asks Pallavi what is she doing here to which Pallavi tells Esha that it’s her house and the person who they wanted to meet is her husband Raghav Rao and she is Mrs.Pallavi Raghav Rao. Esha gets shocked and recalls how Raghav asjs Esha to give him five years time to settle down also if he don’t marry her then he wont marry anyone in his life. Esha thinks to herself that Raghav married another wonen so there is no point of meeting him is going to affect anything and smiles at Pallavi. Farhad comes there and tells Raghav is here. Esha gets shocked. Raghav comes there and gets shocked seeing Esha there. The latter drops the plate from her hand. Pallavi turns around hearing the sound.

Precap: Raghav asks Pallavi to not to leave him and love him always. Pallavi hugs Raghav. Later Raghav meets Esha and asks her what she wants from him. Esha says that she dont want anything. Raghav calls her liar and strangles her neck and asks her to tell the truth. Pallavi gets shocked seeing this and asks Raghav what is he doing.

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