Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18th January 2023 Written Update:

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18th January 2023 Written Update ON SERIALTALK.COM

Episode begins with Bimla offering to Hariprasad it very well might be Milapini Devi’s desire as well. We should give a sign of approval for this marriage. Vidhi’s life and satisfaction means a lot to us. Vidhi is strolling to and forward in her room. Seema gets some information about it. She requests that she think in a positive manner. Imagine a scenario in which he give a sign of approval for her.

Vidhi believes that she is correct. Dev asked 24 hours to him. Hariprasad didn’t responded to it yet. It appears there is an opportunity to give a sign of approval for this marriage. She becomes amped up for her marriage. Seema gets profound and tells her that she will leave with Dev after her wedding. Vidhi embraces her.

Hariprasad is doing a pooja in the sanctuary. Vidhi supplicates god to persuade her father to give a sign of approval for this marriage. Hariprasad calls Vidhi there. Urmila asks Bimla will he uncover reality to Vidhi today? Bimla requests that she quiet down. Hariprasad shares with Vidhi that he is her dad. A dad used to direct their childrence. He will make an honest effort to give a superior life to them. He is irate with her for what she did. Be that as it may, he isn’t abhorring her.

Her joy means a lot to him. He is thoroughly taking care of her benefit. He shares with her that he will do anything for her bliss. She needs to keep this in her psyche that he will accompany her like clockwork. Her satisfaction means a lot to him. Vidhi is joyous beyond words. She feels unsteady. Hariprasad embraces her. He tells her that he will offer his response in 24 hours.

Vidhi is energized pondering Hariprasad’s statement. He referenced her name after couple of days. It appears he will give a sign of approval for her marriage. Vidhi calls Dev and shares her bliss with him. She describes to him what happened today. She lets him know that she trusts father will take a decent choice in their matter. Hopefully for something good. In the interim, Hariprasad imparts his distress to Dev. God gifted her to him yet he is attempting to grab her from them. Bimla requests that Dev share this reality with Vidhi. She was sorry to him for disturbing him. She adds that they need more guts to impart this make a difference to her. Dev calls Vidhi.

Dev calls Vidhi. He attempts to illuminate her about her sickness. He tells her that she persuaded Abhimanyu with her accounts. He needs to persuade her as well. Dev takes the bangles from Milapini Devi’s sanctuary. He shares with her that he needs to wed her so she needs to wear this bangles. Vidhi lets him know that she will acknowledge her dad choice. She will pays attention to it. Dev powerfully makes Vidhi wears the bangles. Vidhi stresses over her father choice. Hariprasad tells her that he consents to her marriage. Vidhi happy to the point bursting in the wake of hearing it. She embraces him in joy.

Hariprasad says that he is her father. He would rather not see her end up in any difficulty. However, he comprehends that her satisfaction is Dev. He would rather not grab that joy from her. He was sorry to her for pained her a ton. Vidhi sees the trouble in her bliss face. She asks them did they concealing anything from her? They denied it. Vidhi imparts her joy to Dev. In the interim, Priya attempting to persuade Satyavati and incites her against Vidhi. Abhimanyu requests that she stop it. He is with Dev. Satyavati says that she Isn’t with Dev in this.

Precap; Dev will illuminate Satyavati that Vidhi will come here to take her favors. Satyavati will let him know that he need to quit calling her as mother in the event that he make it happen. Afterward, Dev will clear with her that he needs to help her. He will clear his thought process with her.

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