Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dev let Vidhi know that she is solid. Vidhi expresses gratitude toward her. She tells that Satyavati called her to balghar to meet her. Dev says that is the reason you are prepared, and asks her not to have any expectations. Vidhi says she has no expectations, Milapni Devi will deal with everything. She goes.

Hariprasad tells Bimla that Amba is in injury, when she gets fine, he will return the shop papers to her. Bimla communicates her uncertainty to Hariprasad and tells that Vidhi is cheerful since Dev’s commitment is canceled. Hariprasad says you are accepting Brilliant and tells that Vidhi can do nothing off-base which will hurt our regard, notoriety and so on. He says Vidhi is our pride and goes.

Vikram tells Amba that Specialist gave her release from emergency clinic. He tells that he won’t leave Dev. Amba asks him to avoid anything to Dev and tells that it was not his mix-up. Vikram lets Chitra know that everything occurred because of her mom. He goes furiously.

Satyavati requests that Sunita call driver. Priya asks Satyavati where is she going? She says I grasp your working class values, however this isn’t the perfect opportunity to go there, says Chitra is furious, in the event that she does anything, we will be scandalized.

She says you are alarming your kids for your step child. Satyavati says Dev is my child, and tells that they will remain as a family. She says trusting solidarity and harmony from you is squander. Dev calls Satyavati. She is in vehicle and says thank god, Amba is released and asks him not to stress.

Vidhi comes to Balghar and meets Ruhi. A woman comes there and presents herself as Padma. She came for Asha’s sake today. She says I was informed that you was in volunteer rundown and requests that she sign. vidhi is going to actually look at the papers, when Satyavati calls her. Vidhi says she is in balghar. Padma takes her signs. Vidhi is going to understand it, however Padma takes the papers from her.

She tells that whoever wins will get a prize. Vidhi says Ruhi will win. Satyavati comes there and tells that Vidhi will prepare her. Padma takes a gander at Vidhi, and leaves Balghar. Satyavati gives bloom to Vidhi. Vidhi gives her bittergourd strip to her. Satyavati tells that she needs to recount her a story. She recounts the tale of a young lady who used to remain with her folks, who was enamored with a 20 ruler years senior to her.

She says they set their home, breaking the age hindrance. Vidhi says hearts will be met and not age. Satyavati says the sovereign kicked the bucket following not many long stretches of marriage, however she was left with his child from his most memorable spouse, Dev. She lauds Dev and tells that I am his step Mother in individuals’ sight, and Dev never thought me this.

She says she cherished him as her child, and he likewise adored her and regarded her. She lets Vidhi know that she realizes that Dev and you both love one another, yet the way is difficult. She inquires as to whether you prepared to battle the conflict all life, will you hold his hand and face the conditions of the life. She requests that she take the choice subsequent to thinking and says no hustles.

Vikram comes there and calls her Satyavati Raichand. He reviles her for canceling the commitment. He says my Maasi needs to kick the bucket as a result of you. Vidhi asks what is this method for conversing with her. He asks so you are likewise with her and requests that she avoid his relative. She requests that he talk at home. Vikram requests that she shut up. Vidhi says you shut up. He slaps her. Satyavati asks what’s happening with he? Vikram pushes Satyavati and she gets slight injury. Vidhi inquires as to whether he lashed out. Vikram undermines Satyavati that he won’t leave Dev, and will look for retribution from Chitra to hurt him. Satyavati is stunned. She gets out whatever symbol of Vikram, I saw. She asks Vidhi not to tell anything to Dev. Vidhi says I won’t tell.

Bimla stresses for Vidhi. Hariprasad says she will come. Vidhi gets Dev’s call and doesn’t pick it. Dev gets stressed. Satyavati returns home. Dev asks what has been going on with you? Satyavati says she slammed into a wall and got injured. He inquires as to why you are lying and gives his swear.

Precap: Vidhi advises Dev that she needs to come clean to her Maa and Dad. Dev asks what are you talking about? Vidhi says you feel that we have no future, yet. Bimla requests that Vidhi let know if she has anything in her heart. Vidhi says I need to let one know thing and tells that she adores…

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