Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd December 2022 Written Update on

Pihu inquires as to whether he needs to get payback, he ought to from Rudra and Preesha and not include children and mother in it. Armaan says Rudra’s solidarity is his family, he will obliterate Rudra and make him fall on his feet. He cautions Pakhi to comply with her orders and not meddle in his issues.

Pihu cautions him back to challenge make an effort not to overwhelm her and rule on her, she will do whatever is correct. Armaan cautions to obliterate her. Digvijay meddles and requests that they stop battle as they are kin and ought to battle against Rudra and Preesha all things considered. Armaan cautions to dispose of Pihu and anybody who meddles in his life. Pihu leaves saying he is irredeemable and nauseating. Digvijay fears Armaan’s best course of action.

Rudra feels miserable and depicts before Preesha how he was dismissed by individuals who used to wander around him. Preesha encourages him and asks where did he find a new line of work now. He says in a bar. She chooses to visit his work place this evening to encourage him.

At night, Preesha visits bar to encourage Rudra while he is singing. Rudra feels cheerful seeing her and sings his one-time wonder heartfelt tune. Clients could do without his melody. Director requests that he sing a dance number. Rudra says he doesn’t sing dance number. Supervisor requests that he get out in the event that he can’t sing and secure position elsewhere.

Rudra consents to sing. Supervisor says dance number won’t look great with an artist and requests that Rudra request that his female companion dance. Rudra says she is his significant other and cautions him not to include his better half in it. Supervisor says his better half will get twofold installment. Rudra indignantly holds director’s collar and yells how dare he is to talk sick about his better half.

Administrator says he followed up on his chief’s organization. Rudra asks how is his chief. Armaan strolls to him and says he is the chief, he was watching out for Rudra since he went out and purchased this bar once Rudra found a new line of work there.

He says Rudra took care of his family with his cash, soon Rudra will be on his feet. Rudra says he won’t ever twist before an insidiousness and says the cash he acquired yesterday was his persistent effort. Preesha requests that Armaan hush up about his cash.

Armaan provokes Rudra to never allow him to find a new line of work and says no one gave him work on his request. He says he can purchase anything with cash. Rudra holds Preesha’s hand and say he can’t buy love with his cash. He requests that administrator toss the present brought in cash all over and leaves. Armaan decides not to effortlessly save Rudra.

Rudra and Preesha get back unfortunately. Roohi gets blissful seeing them and inquires as to whether they brought food. The two of them stand quiet. Pihu enters with food and serves kids. Armaan stops children and lets Pihu know that he can’t acknowledge her food as she got it from Armaan’s cash and Armaan offended him today that he is taking care of us. Pihu says she won’t test their sense of pride and expectations their circumstance moves along. She takes food back.

Rudra apologizes youngsters for keeping them hungry. Saransh says they had food at a party close by. Roohi asks which one, then says even she is full. Rudra sincerely embraces them and says he is fortunate that god gave such children to him.

Precap: Roohi picks cake from garbage at school and eats it. Chief lets Rudra know that his youngsters can’t concentrate on there. Preesha joins a clinic as a specialist and gives wrong medication to a patient. Roohi and Saransh notice Vidyuth alive and seized by somebody.

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