Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st December 2022 Written Update on

Rudra looks for work from a considerable lot of his contacts, yet doesn’t land position as a result of Armaan’s threatening statement. Sharda lets Preesha know that she is going out for some work. Preesha says she will go with her, however Sharda won’t take her along and leaves. Preesha inquires as to whether they know where Sharda went. They say no. She inquires as to whether they feel hungry. They say no and leave.

Preesha feels powerless and trusts Rudra finds a new line of work. Rudra strolls on street disheartened thinking those organizations used to run behind hin for an agreement, however presently they would rather not give him a task. He sees a necessity for vocalist at a bar and looks for work. Supervisor distinguishes him and inquires as to why he needs to sign at such a spot. Rudra says its a boring tale and he is needing position. Supervisor concurs and cautions him not to show his brilliant fits here.

Sharda meets Pihu outside Khurana house and says she really wants some stuff. Pihu says she can take anything she desires to and orders gatekeeper to give her access. Rudra sings Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. tune and gets his installment. He cheerfully gets back figuring he can take care of his family now. After some time, Rudra appreciates dinner with family when police strolls in to capture Sharda on charges of theft. Rudra will not trust auditor and asks who documented objection. Armaan strolls in and says he recorded objection as Sharda jumped into his home and took stuff.

Rudra lashes out and Armaan deceived him and removed his home from him. Armaan shows CCTV film where Sharda takes god’s deities seeing them deserted. Sharda says she removed symbols as she doesn’t maintain that god should be at insidious’ home. Armaan says she took lakhs worth gold symbols to sell them and bring in cash. Rudra flies off the handle. Armaan requests that examiner check entire house as Shardas probably taken more stuff. Police checks and tracks down just gold symbols. Armaan requests that police capture Sharda.

Pihu enters and stops Sharda’s capture. She says she gifted these icons to Sharda and shows CCTV film as proof. She says Armaan is mixed up and sends police away. Armaan vapor on Pihu and leaves. Pihu apologizes Sharda. Back home, Armaan vents out his dissatisfaction on Pihu.

Precap: Armaan compromises Pihu to submit to his orders and she rejects. Bar supervisor requests that Rudra make Preesha dance before clients. Rudra blows up. Administrator says he submitted to his manager’s requests. Armaan says he is the chief.

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