Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Amrita’s father asking them to continue with the ritual. Amrita sits for the ritual. Pritam sees his bags on floor and Kabir apologizes and says that he threw them in anger. He assured to keep it back after ritual. Pritam is about to go to his room when Dadaji asks him to attend the function. Pritam stays when Amrita asks him to leave. Everyone says that he’s innocent and Why’s she stopping him. Kabir says that he’s not the girl’s murderer as police themselves said it. Amrita says that he may not be the girl’s murderer but he’s definitely the murderer of her happiness. She says that for months she was waiting for the happiness of the day and when it’s here he snatched it from her. She says that he stole the smile of her child. Nimmo tries calming her.

Dadaji asks what would he do for Police’s mistake. Amrita asks why would Police mistake him and not others. She says it’s because his activities are like goons – forcefully dragging someone to hospital for treatment, getting shot by gun etc. . She calls him Grahan on her family and her happiness. Amrita says that her beautiful memory is ruined as now whenever she thinks about her baby shower ceremony only his face will appear in front of her. Mansour calms Amrita and says everything will happen according to her wish. He signals Pritam and he starts leaving. He takes his bag as well as the bomb bag without anyone’s notice and leaves to her room.

Kabir says he left and asks her to smile and starts playing drums. They all the ritual. With their antics, Amrita again starts smiling. They perform the ritual. Pritam is thinking about her words in his room. Dadaji calls Mansour to bless her and he does followed by Dadaji. Everyone starts dancing. Pritam is sitting frustrated in his room and felt sad. At  night, Amrita looks at Karan’s picture and asks whether he’s happy. She says that she knew he was there during the ritual. She says that others might have not seen it but she did. She says that she felt his presence beside her. She shows him the dress for her function. She recalls Pritam giving it to her with injury.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Pritam also thinks about the same and takes the drawing in his hand. He cries seeing the picture. She asks Karan why their happiness is incomplete every time and why there’s tears every time. Both Amrita and Pritam are in pain. Soni gives ice cream to Amrita and says that Angad bought it for all. Amrita happily takes it and Soni asks her to forget about the pg. Amrita asks her to send food for her Pritam. She says that angry one side but she doesn’t want him to stay hungry. Soni smiles. Dadaji brings food for Pritam and says that today’s anger is not of Amrita but of a daughter in law of a father  who couldn’t see his pain. He asks him to take it and Pritam does.

Precap :

Kabir loses his job and reveals that he got it by blackmailing. Amrita slaps him. She thinks that she won’t let the shop to close.

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