Imlie 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Anu telling imlie that everyone is at their right place. Adithya and Malini are together while she is not able to do anything. Imlie thinks that she should do something to teach her a lesson. Imlie leaves from there and Anu follows her. Malini coughs. Imlie asks Sundar whether he understood. Anu comes there. Sundar starts his act and asks her whether she can really do it. She says she can even call a witch. She turns and shouts looking at Anu. She says that she just said and the witch is here. Anu asks her to shut up and asks her what she is doing here. Sundar says that she was saying that she can vanish anyone.

Anu doesn’t believe it. Imlie says that she is scared. They make her sit on a chair and Imlie says whatever shit. She removes the cloth from her. Anu asks how she is feeling now. Sundar says she is really disappeared. Sundar goes to call Nishant. He asks how many he is able to see. Nishant says him and Sundar. Anu shouts at him to look at her. She pushes him and shouts at them. Sundar says that Imlie disappeared Anu. Nishant asks her what will she answer everyone. He asks her how to bring her back.

Imlie says they can bring her back. He says they should take a photo to see whether she can be seen through lens. He calls her and she shouts at him. He asks Anu go stand between Imlie and Sundar. He shoots the photo but there is nothing expect for both of them. Anu asks why she is not visible in the photo. They act panicked. Anu runs away from there scared. They laugh. Imlie says it is not over yet.   

Anu thinks how is t possible. She doesn’t see her image in the mirror and she panics. She gets scared wondering whether she should roam like a Ghost in her house. Rupali dashes with her and pretends like she didn’t see her and asks with whom did she dash. She pretends to be scared and runs away saying Ghost. They all laugh. She goes to Nani and shouts at her whether she can see her.  

Everyone is sitting at the Pooja while Malini feels uneasy. She coughs. She thinks that she won’t let the Pooja stop no matter if she dies. Nani on the other hand doesn’t acknowledge Anu and says foods names. She again goes to sleep. She pinches her. Nani pretends like her husband is pinching her. They all laugh seeing her act while Anu is shocked. Anu shouts that she is not a ghost. They all come to Nani and they all laugh. She runs into the Pooja and shouts that she can’t be a ghost. They all look at her shocked. Aparna asks her what happened to her. Dev shouts at het to stop. Anu asks whether he can sre her. They ask her what happened. Malini asks her what she has done to her mother. Imlie says that she is troubling her mother hence she has done this with her.   Malini asks her whether she thinks it’s a joke. Malini shouts at her. Dev asks what can they do if she is stupid. She coughs but sits in the Pooja. Pandit sats that it is useless and the Pooja is over. Adithya tells her that her health is not good.

Imlie 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Imlie asks her why she is coughing. Adithya asks her to rest. But she gets unconcious. Imlie calls Doctor who tells her about Asthma. He says that she has done it intentionally just to stop their date. She wonders whether she doesn’t love her baby. Anu snatches the phone from her. She calls the doctor. Imlie thinks that everyone is worried for the baby but she is not. She decides to know what Malini wants.    Aparna tells Malini that she svared her and asks her how she is. Malini says she is fine. She thinks that she can bear hundred such Asthma attacks. Nishant asks Adithya where he is going and his dinner os woth someone else. Adithya asks how can he leave her like this. Nishant says she has everyone but Imlie doesn’t.

Adithya says that he doesn’t care whether they cares but he cares for the baby. Nishant asks Adithya to go and talk with Imlie. Adithya goes to Imlie and asks her for dinner. Malini calls Adithya asking him to come. Adithya says he is coming and tells Imlie that he is struck between all these. Imlie decides to teach Pandit a lesson. Pandit asks her to give back the money. Imlie says she will tell everyone that he is doing a fake Pooja. She asks him to prove that he is a real Pandit. He asks her how should he do that. Imlie smiles

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