Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Gehna drops the water bucket. Meera scolds her and Gehna goes inside. Kanak shows the designs to Meera. Gehna wears veil and puts the snacks on the table. Kanak notices her and thinks that Gehna was wearing this same dress and her height matching with Gehna too. She asks Gehna to remove the veil otherwise the latter may fall. Gehna slips while walking and Kanak tries to remove Gehna’s veil but could not. Meera asks Gehna to continue the work. Hema wonders that why Kanak is behind this maid. Meera offers to give small amount for work.

Gehna breaks the vase by mistake. Desai’s gets shocks seeing Gehna there. Meera yells at Gehna. Gehna apologizes to her saying that she won’t repeat this mistake. Meera fires her. Gehna recalls her family’s condition and pleads Meera to not fire her. Meera pushes her which pisses off Jamuna. Jamuna reveals that Gehna is her daughter in law. Meera insults them and asks them to leave from there. Gehna gives lecture about work and takes Jamuna from there. Kanak and Hema follows them.

Desai ladies reaches home. Kanak taunts Gehna. Jamuna defends Gehna. Panjak asks her that what happened. Jamuna tells them that Gehna working as maid to fulfill responsibilities. He tells her that it’s not like they don’t want to work but no one giving job saying that Anant is terrorist. Kanak tells Jamuna that even modelling agency refused to give work to her. Chetan tells Jamuna that even they can’t take money from bank.

Jamuna asks them to find job like Gehna. She praises Gehna for finding a job. She tells Gehna that the latter was moving on in her life with Anant and it was her dream to become Lawyer and Anant also wanted her to become Lawyer. She asks her to continue the studies and become Lawyer to fulfill Anant’s dream and they will take care of the house.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Praful gets driver job. Gehna learns about it. After some time, Praful loses his job and he informs Jamuna that they hired someone else. Gehna works as driver and thinks that she won’t let Praful become driver. She thinks to continue her studies too. Meanwhile, Jamuna’s health condition gets worsen. Desai’s waits for taxi. Gehna sees them and thinks that she can’t even help her family in this situation. She sends another taxi to Desai mansion.

Sagar gets in her taxi and she starts driving. He notices her face and asks her to stop the taxi but she ignores him. He laughs at her and warns her to not play with him. He tries to stop her and they meets with an accident. Sagar beats Gehna and the latter loses her consciousness. After some time, Gehna regains her consciousness and realises that someone saved her. She takes Anant’s name.

Precap :

One guy suggests Desai’s to admit Gehna in the hosptial.

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