Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Jamuna coughs a lot and informs her family that she send Praful to bring medicine. Gehna informs her that she got job. Kanak and Chetan asks her about the job. Pankaj tells Gehna that he will drop her in the office. Gehna tells him that it’s near only and she is getting late so she will go alone. Jamuna blesses her. Everyone congratulates Gehna except Kanak and Hema. Gehna leaves the house and recalls Anant seeing his bike. She tells herself that she need to reach her destination on time.

Kanak tells Pankaj that the latter and Chetan trying to get job but didn’t get yet even though they have degree and how Gehna got job when she didn’t even finish her studies. He tells her to help this family instead of gossiping about Gehna. He says to her that even Radhika changed seeing their family situation. Everyone shocks seeing black color on Praful’s face. Jamuna asks him that what happened to him and who did this.

He apologizes to her for not bringing her medicines. He tells her that they didn’t let him buy medicine saying that terrorist’s parent don’t have any rights to live. She asks him to not cry. Gehna overhears their conversation and promises to prove Anant’s innocence. Jamuna asks Praful to not lose hope because Gehna got job so she will prove Anant’s innocence soon.

Later, Gehna works as a maid in one house. She starts cleaning the store room. She hallucinates Anant and he helps her when she is about to fall. House o.wner comes there and asks Gehna that why the latter screamed. Gehna tells her that she fell down.

Radhika calls Gehna and tells her that she talked to one Lawyer about Anant’s case and asks her to believe that she is not planning anything. Gehna tells her that she knows that the latter loved Anant and she won’t betray her now. Radhika tells her that she will take appointment to meet the Lawyer. Later, Gehna tells the house owner that she finished her works. She asks advance but the latter refuses. She informs her that she will come for work late tomorrow.

Jamuna asks everyone to wait for Gehna to have dinner. Kanak checks the food and complaints that they don’t have many dishes. Tiya tells her that they made this from the ingredients they had. Gehna comes there. Jamuna asks her that did the latter talked to Lawyer about Anant’s case. She apologizes to her for talking about it now and asks her to have dinner. Gehna goes to her room to freshen up. Kanak notices Gehna’s expression and thinks that something is fishy for sure. Praful asks Jamuna to not tell Gehna that what happened with him. Gehna misses Anant and cries in front of Jamuna.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Next day, Kanak tells Jamuna that they can do stitching work like last time. Kanak takes Jamuna and Hema to the house where Gehna working. Gehna hides her face seeing Desai’s there. Jamuna asks Kanak to show samples to Meera. Meera asks Gehna to bring water for guests.

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