Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd October 2021 Radhika enters unconscious Gehna’s room and seeing her condition cries in guilt. She reveals that Anant is no more. Gehna remembers Anant’s last words and dreams about the incident, she wakes up asking him to stop and finds herself in hospital. At home, family rushes to Baa seeing her in shock and ask what happened to her. Hema thinks if something happened to Gehna.

Bapuji with Paresh and Krishna enters Gehna’s room and finds her missing. Nurse enters to give injection to Gehna. Bapuji asks where did Gehna go. Radhika enters and says she knows where she must have gone. Gehna reaches dam and tries to enter tunnel area, but guards don’t let her in. She pleads officers to let her in as her husband is inside.

They say she cannot enter in. She cries remembering Anant blasting himself and thinks he cannot leave her alone as he promised to be with her forever. She feels Anant will return for her and remembering his promises asks him to return back as he cannot die or live without her.

Radhika brings Bapuji, Paresh, and Krishna there and shows Gehna. Bapuji asks Gehna to return home with her. She says she will not go home without Anant and is sure he will return. Officers inform that a a big blast happened here and Anant was wearing bomb, they will find out truth once investigation team gives its report. Gehna finds her and Anant’s pic and hugs it. Krishna drags Gehna with her.

At home, Baa mourns Anant’s death and cries holding Gehna’s sari and jewelry, she apologizes Gehna for not protecting her good fate. Tia walks in and informs her that panditji has come for pooja. Baa cries hugging her. They wipe each other’s tears and walk down to Anant’s shanti sabha/peace meet. Gehna returns home. Baa cries hugging her. Gehna asks why is she crying, Anant is fine and will return home; she shows pic found at blast area and says its Kanhaji’s indication and Anant will be back soon.

Baa says Anant will never return. Guests discuss that Gehna is in deep shock after Anant’s death. Gehna says Anant is fine and tries to remove garland from Anant’s photo. Tia stops her and says she should accept that Anant is gone. Pankaj says he is proud that Anant sacrificed his life for the nation. Police enters and says they will find out after checking Anant’s room. Gehna says let her husband come. Bapuji permits them and they head to Anant’s room.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Gehna asks Radhika to tell everyone that Anant will return. Radha cries vigorously. Gehna asks if she also accept a lie, says let everyone think whatever they want to, she is sur Anant will return. Police search Anant’s room and find a bag with secret document, gun, and bomb there.

They show it to Pankaj and says these are nations’s top secret documents, commondos found him blasting himself in tunnel, it proves he is a terrorist. Gehna says her husband is not a terrorist. Bapuji says these are not their documents, they are being trapped. Inspector says he should prove it in court and asks guests to stop mourning a terrorist’s death. Guests asks if Anant was really a terrorist. Gehna shouts to stop and says she will prove that her husband is a patriot.

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