Pandya Store 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Pandya Store 2nd October 2021 Episode starts with Janardhan running away. Shiva follows him. Shiva calls his friend and asks him to get his car fast. Janardhan stops seeing Gautam and Dev. They run after him. They catch Janardhan and beat him. Rishita asks Dev to leave her dad, its wrong. They all argue. She says ask him if he did wrong or not. Dev asks will he tell us the truth. The car comes.

They take Janardhan with them. Janardhan says Dhara isn’t with me. Gautam says Dhara is missing, your dad did this, don’t expect us to do good for him always. Rishita asks driver to take her after them. She leaves. Kalyani says I feel tensed. Kamini says its no problem if Janardhan gets beaten up, Dev and Rishita will get away. Dhara hears the lady’s talks on the call. She takes Gautam’s name. She says take me to my husband. Janardhan says I didn’t kidnap Dhara, I m warning you, leave me. Shiva asks him to shut up.

They tie up Janardhan. Prafulla says they said Dhara is missing. Anita says its good, she was a thorn in my way. Janardhan sees Dhara in the car and says Dhara. Gautam slaps him and says don’t take her name. Janardhan says she is in the car. Shiva ties his mouth. Anita prays and says disappear Dhara forever. Prafulla prays the same. Janardhan signs Gautam to see Dhara. Another car comes in between. Gautam doesn’t see Dhara.

Janardhan says you are seeing girls at this time, you are such a disgusting man, you have two daughter, you have become Sasur, you will become Nana in some days. Rishita says they aren’t answering, drive fast. She sees their car. She says overtake that car. She shouts Dev, stop, don’t do this. Kalyani calls her and says if anything happens to your dad, then I will never forgive you, you are responsible for all this. Rishita cries.

Gautam, Dev and Shiva bring Janardhan to Pandya store. Janardhan runs. Rishita comes there. Gautam asks Janardhan to stop. Shiva says keep running, else you will die. Dev asks Shiva to catch him. Janardhan sees the car. He says its Dhara’s car. He asks driver to stop the car. He shouts Dhara, open the car. They all catch Janardhan. Janardhan says leave me, Dhara is in that car, you all are fools. Shiva says you are fooling me. Janardhan says go, else you will lose Dhara forever. Dhara looks out of the window.

They see Dhara. They run after the car. They stop the car. Gautam gets Dhara out of the car. The lady looks on. Janardhan says you all didn’t do right. He goes. Rishita comes there. Shiva asks what happened. The lady says she is fine, she fainted in front of my car, I took her home and got her treated, its good I got her family. Gautam thanks her for taking care of Dhara. He says please come with us. Shiva says Janardhan has run away.

Pandya Store 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Suman prays for Dhara. She asks Krish to keep calling them. Everyone brings Dhara home. Gautam says this lady saved Dhara’s life. Raavi thanks the lady. Dhara worries for Krish. Krish says I m here. The lady asks whom does she want to save. Krish says I got saved. Suman asks them to call the doctor fast. The lady says doctor checked her, she said she should not take tension, she will be fine in some time. Suman thanks her for coming home as Devi, she saved Dhara and took care of her.

The lady says no need to thank me. She gets a call and talks. Suman gets surprised hearing her. The lady says sorry, I supply clothes, Navratri clothes are in demand, I should go now. She leaves. Dhara gets up and meets Krish. He hugs her and says I love you so much, sorry, you had to go through this because of me. She worries for him. She says I will get haldi milk for you. He says I m fine. Raavi says I will handle everything.

Rishita asks are you fine, we all were so worried, if anything happens to you then… Dhara says no, I have love of you all. Rishita says thank God, dad didn’t do anything, if he was involved in this, then I would have not spared him, I m really happy that you are fine. She asks Dev what will you do now, blame me again. She argues. Suman looks on. Rishita asks Dev to accept his mistake, else she can leave the house.

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