Pandya Store 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Pandya Store 1st October 2021 Episode starts with Shiva calling Gautam and asking for Dhara and Krish. Gautam says don’t know, we are going to Janardhan, he will say where is Dhara. Shiva says I m coming. Raavi asks Shiva about Dhara. He says Gautam is going to Janardhan, I m also going there, I will drop you. She asks him to go, she will come herself. He taunts. She asks him to go, they will fight later. He asks didn’t you ask for ten lakhs. Prafulla shouts and comes. Raavi makes Shiva leave. She asks Prafulla to stop it. Suman waits at the door. She worries.

Rishita walks on the road. She says once I reach home, I will see Dev. Dev and Gautam come to Janardhan’s house. Guards stop them. They fight the guards. Janardhan sees them and gets shocked. He shouts how dare you come in, security…. I will call the police. Gautam slaps him. Janardhan asks how dare you…

He raises hand on Gautam. Dev holds his hand and twists. Gautam asks where is Dhara. Janardhan says I don’t know any Dhara. Gautam says you spoke to her on call about Krish. Shiva beats the guards and comes in. He says I will see him. He beats Janardhan and asks where is Dhara, tell me. Janardhan says I don’t know. Kamini, Kalyani and Kirti come. They ask what are you doing. Shiva says tell us where is Dhara.

Gautam asks them to check the house. Janardhan says stop this drama, I don’t know anything, take your brothers back. Gautam says sit here, if you move from there, then we will make you move out of the world. Kamini thinks what are they doing here, Janardhan will know that we sent Kirti to Pandya house. She asks Kirti to call Rishita here, don’t tell her anything. Kirti calls Rishita.

She cries and tells everything. She says I took lift from Krish, Janardhan has seen them and got him arrested, her family has come home to beat Janardhan now, its wrong. Rishita says don’t worry, I m coming. She takes lift and goes home. Kamini says I did something, wait. Dev signs no to Gautam. He asks where is Dhara. Janardhan says I don’t know. Kamini says Gautam, trust me, we didn’t hide your wife. Dev argues. Lawyer brings Krish home. Suman worries. She asks what’s this, who did this.

Pandya Store 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Lawyer says Janardhan did this with Krish, I got him freed, take care of him. He goes. Krish says I m fine. Shiva says Dhara isn’t here, we will take him home and beat him a lot, he will say where is Dhara. Rishita comes home. She asks is this a joke. Dev says you don’t know what happened. She says I know everything, you are making a mistake. Rishita and Dev argue. Gautam gets silent. Krish hugs Suman and cries. Raavi comes. Suman asks where is everyone. Raavi worries seeing Krish. Prafulla comes home and rests. She says I went to the court, I came by walk.

Anita asks did divorce happen. Prafulla says no. Anita says I can go there for some days more. Prafulla says no one thinks for me here. Anita says you are selfish. Prafulla asks what’s wrong if I want to get them divorced, I lost a good chance today, I wanted the people to beat Shiva, Raavi helped him escape, get some warm water for me. Raavi takes care of Krish. Suman argues with her. Raavi says I do care for Dhara. Suman says I will not accept you as my bahu, I chose another girl for Shiva, I will discuss it with Dhara. Krish says she is missing, everyone went to find her at Janardhan’s house.

She asks him to call Dev. Raavi calls Dev. She says he isn’t answering. He asks her to call her temporary husband. She calls Shiva and says he is also not answering. He says maybe they are busy beating Janardhan. Suman says they should find where is Dhara. Dhara is on the way with the lady.

Dev says your dad fed butter to the police, what will police do, you stay here if you love your dad a lot. Rishita says no, I don’t love him more, so I came to you, I think I was wrong, you both are same, there is no difference. Janardhan tries to run away. Shiva shouts stop. He runs after Janardhan. Dev says you did this to make him run, you aren’t ours, you didn’t think of Dhara once. She asks how did Dhara come in between. He says don’t act innocent, don’t you know. She says no, what happened.

He says your dad had put Krish in jail and kidnapped Dhara, she is pregnant, you know anything can happen. Gautam says forgive us Rishita, we came to find out Dhara, your dad knows it, he has run away, we have no time, come Dev. They leave. Dhara asks where are we going. The lady says yes, I m taking you home.

Pandya Store 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Gautam doesn’t see Dhara in the other car. Janardhan shouts.

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