Pandya Store 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Pandya Store 30th September 2021 Episode starts with Shiva’s bike stopping on the way. Shiva says maybe it won’t start now. Raavi says we may miss the court hearing. He asks what shall I do now. She sees the broken bike part. She looks at him. He connects the wires. She says I think we will reach the court now.

They leave. Gautam and Dev come to the police station. Gautam says we have to talk to Krish, Janardhan filed a case on him. Inspector asks them to sit and have tea. Gautam says Dhara and Krish aren’t here. Dev says don’t worry. He asks Inspector not to waste their time, tell them where is Krish. Gautam says Dhara would have come to free Krish, where is she. Inspector says sit for a while. Gautam shouts on him. Krish hears Gautam.

Gautam threatens the Inspector. Inspector says I will get tea for you if you want. Lawyer asks Gautam to calm down. The doctor says I have given the medicines, she will get fine. The lady says she has to come to senses. Doctor says your work will be done. Lady pays the fees. Dhara takes Krish’s name. The lady gets a call and says yes, I wasn’t able to answer the call, I m coming. The counsellor talks to Shiva and Raavi.

Shiva says we have to sign and go. Counsellor says divorce isn’t a solution, you have to fight with problems in life, make this your strength, find a way that both accepts. Shiva argues with her. He says take our sign and free us. She says I m dong my work, why are you so bitter, marriage isn’t any halwa to eat or throw. Raavi looks on. The counsellor asks how are you able to live with him. Shiva says she can’t live, so she wants the divorce, take our sign. Raavi says I know you are in hurry to take divorce, but no need to shout.

He says I m hurrying because of Dhara and Krish. The counsellor says you got calm on her saying, you are lucky to get a girl like her, think again, you shouldn’t take divorce. Raavi thinks of their moments. Chal ghar chale….plays… The counsellor asks are you understanding what I said. Gautam says I m requesting you again, where are Dhara and Krish. Inspector asks what shall I do. Dev says I will see you, what proof do you have that you got Krish arrested, you didn’t take the girl’s statement, I m going live on social media to show how you are troubling me. Inspector says stop.

Gautam says we have to show this to the people. Dev complains about the Inspector. Inspector says stop it. Dev says he is threatening us. Inspector takes his phone. He says get his brother out fast. Krish comes. Gautam and Dev worry seeing his state and hug. Gautam asks are you fine. Krish says they had beaten me a bot. Gautam and Dev get angry. Dev says you are gone now. Lawyer stops Gautam and Dev. He says we will take your brother and go. Gautam asks where is Dhara. Krish asks what do you mean, didn’t you come on her saying. Gautam says no.

Pandya Store 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Krish says Dhara answered the call when Janardhan called, she didn’t come here. They worry. Gautam says it means, Janardhan…. He prays for Dhara. He asks lawyer to take Krish home. Gautam and Dev leave. Counsellor asks Shiva and Raavi to stay together and see. She says you have asked for 10 lakhs as compensation. Shiva looks at Raavi. Prafulla comes to the court. She asks does divorce happen here. Lawyer says yes, Shiva has got after me, I m so troubled, no one shall get such a husband. He says don’t worry, I will get you divorced.

She says you are mad, I m not talking about my divorce, my daughter’s divorce, I had put 10 lakhs compensation in the papers. He asks her to go that way to the court. The counsellor asks is 10 lakhs enough to live life, or does the relation matter. Shiva laughs and says 10 lakhs, how will we get it. Raavi signs no. Shiva says Dhara is pregnant, how can you ask for money, I won’t give any money, I want divorce soon, no one can understand women. Raavi says Prafulla did this, I m not involved in this. Shiva signs the papers and says I want the next date soon. He goes. Raavi follows him. She asks him to listen, Prafulla did this. Prafulla comes and asks did the divorce happen, when will you get money. Raavi asks why did you come.

Prafulla stops Shiva and asks for cash. Shiva gets angry. He gets an umbrella and says I will break your head, I will not give any money. Prafulla says see how he is torturing me. The people come and stop Shiva. The men get angry on him. Raavi asks Shiva to run. Shiva runs away. Raavi says I was helping you. Prafulla says you are getting divorced from him, you are still helping him.

Raavi says you asked for compensation, my divorce will stop, you asked for 10 lakhs, how will they get the money, I don’t want any compensation. Prafulla says I will talk to the judge. Raavi says stop it, Dhara is missing, Krish is in problem. The lady feeds the medicine to Dhara. She says I won’t let the police reach you, you are so delicate, I should keep you safe. Dhara asks who are you. She sleeps.

Pandya Store 1st October 2021 Written Episode

Update Precap :Gautam slaps Janardhan and asks where is Dhara. Janardhan says I don’t know. Gautam kidnaps him. The lady takes Dhara with her.

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