Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st October 2021 Preesha returns to Arman’s house after Sania’s hen party and asks servant about Anvi. Servant says maybe she is sleeping. Preesha gets worried for Anvi and thinks she didn’t like what Chachaji and Arman told, but she will meet Anvi and get her ready for marriage. She enters Anvi’s room and doesn’t find her there. Chachaji enters and asks why did she come here after his denial, Sania will take care of Anvi from here. Preesha says he is doing wrong and should think from Anvi’s perspective, he cannot separate Anvi from her.

Chachaji says she is going away from Anvi. Preesha says she took a decision to live her life but not leave Ani, children shouldn’t bear a burnt between elder’s fight, she loves Anvi immensely and Chachaji cannot break their relationship. Chachaji asks her not to talk about relationship, get married and go from here and let Anvi with real mother Sania as she is loving Sania’s presence now, anyways she has gone to parlor with Sania. Preesha says she wanted to get Anvi ready. Chachaji says Sania will and says its better for Anvi to stay away from false relationships. Preesha leaves sadly.

Sania drives Anvi away. Anvi asks where is she taking her instead of parlor. Sania says she has some work and then will take her to parlor. Chachaji calls her and asks her to execute their plan. Sania repeats she will visit parlor with Anvi and then return home. GPS returns to Vasu feeling headache and says Chachaji got him drunk heavily last night.

Preesha says even Rudra must be drunk and gets concerned. Arman says he is and asks her not to worry about Rudra and let him handle Rudra, thinks if Preesha finds out that Rudra cannot attend weeding, she will go and bring him. Vasu asks Preesha to let Arman bring Rudra. Preesha agrees and prays god. Arman leaves smirking.

Sania stops car. Anvi asks if parlor came. Sania says she will get her ice cream before she wears party clothes. Anvi agrees. Sania asks her to wait near car and goes to get ice cream. Two goons kidnap Anvi and take her away. Sania returns and is shocked to see Anvi missing. Arman reaches Rudra’s house and seeing Sharda tensed thinks his plan is working. He asks Sharda if Rudra is at home.

Sharda says Rudra is still sleeping and asks him to wake him up. Arman walks with her to Rudra’s room. Sharda tries to wake him up and says he is still unconscious after bachelor’s party. Arman asks her not to worry and get ready for wedding while he handles Rudra, thinks Rudra will not reach wedding venue and wedding will be canceled. Sania pays goons and orders them to keep the girl whole night with them and free her in the morning. They ask who is this girl. She says its none of their business.

Preesha gets ready for wedding as a bride. Vasu prays for her happiness and togetherness with Saransh and Rudra. Preesha says he was waiting for this, so much happened, finally she and Rudra are together with Saransh. Vasu performs her nazar and says Rudra never comes on time, she will go and check. She waits for Rudra at door and asks GPS where is he. GPS says even he doesn’t know. Arman tells Chachaji that Rudra will not wake up, Preesha will think he ditched her even this time and will cancel wedding. Chachahji says he made a solid plan this time. Vasu calls Sharda and asks where are they, if everything is fine. Sharda says no, she will come there and explain.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Vasu gets concerned. Arman tells Chachaji his plan worked, now wedding will not happen. Sharda reaches without Rudra. Arman asks if Rudra didn’t wake up yet. Preesha concerned walks down to check and asks Sharda about Rudra. Arman apologizes Preesha for not informing her. Chachaji says Rudra betrayed as usual. Arman says Rudra got heavily drunk at bechelor’s party and is still unconsciousness. Preesha asks why didn’t he inform her, she would have woken him up somehow. Arman thinks he doesn’t want that, says Sharda tried her best. Chachaji continues that Rudra is trustless and goes missing at the right time, she should cancel wedding as Rudra will not come.

Rudra enters with Punjabi musicians wearing groom’s attire. Preesha runs and hugs him happily, leaving Chachaji and Arman fuming and others smiling. Rudra feeds sweets to Arman and says he tried his best to stop him from entering wedding and hence got him heavily drunk in bachelor’s party, he doesn’t trust him anymore and hence acted as drinking and pouring drinks in flower vase. He says Arman trusted his acting and thought he is unconscious. He remembers waking up immediately after Arman leaves and reveals Sharda how Arman tried to got him heavily intoxicated with his heinous plan.

Out of flashback, Arman asks why would he do that. Rudra says he will marry Preesha and takes her away. He returns to Preesha and gets romantic with her. Vasu says he expresses his love everywhere. Rudra says he will marry Preesha and take her along for sure. Actor Sunny Kaushal enters to promote his movie Shiddath. Rudra runs and hugs him. Sunny says he is marrying Preesha and forgot him. Preesha joins them and they promote movie Shiddath with film’s dialogues and its theme. Rudra and Preesha then sit in mandap for rituals. Chachaji tells Arman that his plan failed even this time. Arman says his next plan will not fail.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Sania informs Arman that Anvi is kidnapped. Arman acts worried. Preesha says she will not without Anvi. Vasu says there is no wedding muhurat for the next 6 months. Rudra removes his turban.

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