Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd-Oct-2021Written Episode Update:

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd October 2021 Raghav and Farhad together, Raghav angry says how can Mr. Dasni just go for one shop after saying 3, Farhad says he has some problem with entrance, Raghav saya close the door if Pallavi sees me drinking she will give me another lecture. Farhad closes door and explains situation, Raghav says call him let me meet him, Farhad says he won’t meet he believes in Vastu,

our Pandit ji gave him Vastu Mantra too. Raghav narrates the vastu mantra, Farhad says you can’t speak hindi well how come Sanskrit, Raghav says I knew girl she taught me and takes a sip of alcohol and spits it, says what is this, Pallavi walks in says green tea. Raghav asks my whiskey, Pallavi says flushed it and see I have so many options for you. Raghav says its limited edition, Pallavi says in my locker, will give you one peg daily, you will drink with me and leaves. Farhad says she is best, Raghav says I won’t tolerate this.

Keerti feels uneasy, Sunny asks her what is wrong, Keerti says she feels vomiting since morning and its all because of prawns biryani, Sunny says lets go to doctor, Keerti says call the doctor here I don’t feel like going, Sunny says okay and makes a call

Raghav on call angry at someone, Pallavi walks in and says God early morning anger, Raghav sees Pallavi smiling and asks what is wrong who do you think you are, Pallavi says Handsome husband’s beautiful wife, Raghav says why is this wine shop not delivering alcohol and 4 shops have already rejected me because you called them and asked not to deliver, Pallavi says I won’t let you drink,

Raghav says I can go and buy, Pallavi says here is your wallet, Raghav checks his wallet and finds only 501₹, and asks where is my money and cards, Pallavi says why do you need more money, you get everything in office and here, and this money is emergency money, Raghav says I hate you and about to leave, Pallavi says atleast wear your pants. Raghav in anger takes his pants and leaves. Pallavi says now Farhad.

Pallavi warns Farhad not to give Raghav money and if he did she will speak to Amruta and spoil his scene. Raghav walks to them and asks Farhad for money, Farhad says I don’t know, Raghav says what, Pallavi says Raghav you look so handsome today, Raghav says today I will drink my whiskey come what may, Pallavi says a the best, Raghav and Farhad leave.
Raghav says Farhad lets go to your home and get your wallet, Farhad says I don’t have extra keys and no one is home lets go tomorrow and I guess Mr. Dasni will cancel all his deals in name of Vastu, Raghav says let the meeting happen first, Farhad says can Laxmi be part if it and ask him to deny, Raghav says she won’t she has her transfer orders and once meeting is done we will final our deal and then party, Farhad says yes with green tea.

Doctor examines Keerti, and asks her to get pregnancy test done, Keerti panics says I can’t be pregnant and gets upset with doctor, Sunny says just do it to clear confusion.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Amruta getting ready, Mansi sees her and thinks why is she so normal and I didn’t see her upset, Mansi says everything fine Amruta, you look upset, Sulochana says is all good between you and Farhad, Amruta says we are good and stop all this, Sulochana says listen to me, Amruta says I don’t want to talk to you and leaves. Mansi says Aai listen you are excited about Farhad Amruta but, Sulochana says keep your negativity with you and don’t spoil this relationship, Mansi says Farhad is Raghav’s assistant and with Raghav even he will go to jail and when that happens Raghav will be out and not Farhad so talk to Amruta and ask her to stop all this or else again you will be blamed for spoiling another daughters life.

Keerti in tears, Sunny asks all good, Keerti starts crying, Doctor checks her strip and says her test is positive she is going to be a mother. Raghav in meeting discusses about how to cure negativity, he says good to know you have so much knowledge about all this, Raghav says I don’t have much but I knew someone who had interest in it, he says that person must be lucky, Raghav and Mr. Dasni fight on who will pay, Farhad tires to warn Raghav not to pay, Raghav doesn’t listen and open his wallet to find only 501₹ in his waller, Mr. Dasni says it’s okay I will pay and leaves.

Raghav rushes to Pallavi and says you embarassed me so much, Pallavi says Farhad told me but who asked you to pay, Raghav says I am not a project stop fixing me, Pallavi says I will its for your health, Raghav says I am very fit, Pallavi says you drink so much, Raghav says lets take a test if I win you will allow me drinking, Pallavi says done, doctor is here to check Keertis food poisoning lets get you tested.

Doctor asks Sunny to take Keerti to a gynaecologist and leaves. Sunny thinks wow this kid will get me permanent residence here. Sunny says Keerti I am so happy, I can’t believe this you are pregnant. Pallavi hears this. Keerti says I don’t want this baby. Sunny says what do you mean, Keerti says I dont want a baby now, I have my career there is no money nothing, Sunny says you will kill a baby because of your career I won’t let anything happen to baby. Sunny leaves, Pallavi walks to Keerti.

Raghav in his room starts looking for his cards and money everywhere, he breaks a box while doing so and finds a recording where a girl praises him calls him Raghu and says you work hard and earn lot of money become rich and then I will tell everyone ge isy loving husband Raghav Rao, so will you marry me. Raghav in anger hearing recording and says Nisha in tears.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Pallavi asks Raghav what is wrong, Raghav says my past is coming to me so much, Pallavi asks who, Raghav says my ex.

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