Imlie 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Malini remembering how Adithya had told that he wants to spend some time with Imlie alone in a lunch. Malini thinks that now he wants to take on a date and wonders as to how can she stop him all thr time coming up with new plans. Imlie comes there getting ready in Japanese look and Malini asks her who is it. She says food delivery. She removes her hand fan and Malini looks at her face.

Malini asks her what non sense is this. Imlie says she wanted Japanese food and here she is with Japanese look. Imlie asks to feed her. Malini says she don’t want to eat food by her hand and asks her to stop pretending. She asks her to leave. Imlie tells her that she is pregnant. Malini gets shocked and Imlie feeds her. Imlie continues to do so. Malini gets irritated. Imlie asks her to say what she will eat tomorrow. Malini asks her to get out. Imlie leaves from there. Malini thinks that she wants only Adhitya. She decides to keep her baby at stake to get him in her life back. She calls her mother and asks her to do something for him.

The Tripathi’s are having their breakfast. Rupa says she will help get imlie ready for the date. Imlie looks at Adithya. Malini says that she will get nothinh and she will stay at home. Harish tells them that Anu has invited them for the Pooja at their house that she has arranged for baby.

Pankaj says that he can’t go there when she has donr something soo horrible with her son. Aparna says they should go. Pankaj asks Adithya what does he think. Imlie says they all should go as it is a good work. Malini says she is doing soo much for her and her baby. She says she can’t even thank her. She asks her to go with her. She tells her that her baby will feel good if she comes with them. Imlie asks her grandmother to get ready as she is not happy with what Imlie has done. Imlie thinks that Adithya wanted to know her over the date but he was not able to do anything.

Imlie is walking on the road thinking when the distance between her and Adithya will wipe out. She sees someone on the road and gets excited remembering him. He is an actor and she is Radhika from Shiddat movie. She asks him whether he is going on a party. He says his car is damaged and they are going on a event. They promote their movie.

Anu shouts at her servants for not bringing silver bowls. Dev asks her what she is doing and asks her whether she is planning something evil. Anu says that she is becoming a grand mother ahd she is doing this for her baby. Dev thinks that he knows her better ahd she is planning something new.

Imlie 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Imlie runs into the house. Adithya asks him why she is soo happy. She says she has met actors. Hr asks her whether she fell and got injured that she is seeing stars. Adithya apologises for not being able to go on the date. Imlie says that she is upset with him for betraying her. Imlie comrs out and sits in the car. Adithya wonders as to how to make her smile. Nishant asks what happened and why he is staring at her soo romantically. Adithya asks him to do the work he has givrn him. All of them sit in the car. Doctor calls Malini and tells her that she has Aasthma and asks her to take care of herself. He asks her to take care of herself. Malini thinks that she has keot this Havan to stop them from leaving and she can’t stop this at the moment. Adithya asks her whether she is alright after she has sat in the car as thr doctor has called her. Malini lies to him saying he was asking her to take care of herself. The Screen Freezes On Malini.


Malini asks Anu whether she has done everything right. She tells her that she has no other option to stop them from going on a date hence she has asked her to arrange the Pooja. Anu asks her maid to bring tea and Imlie’s mother comes there. Everyone gets shocked seeing her. Anu asks them why they are shocked and tells them that she needed money and she needed maid hence she hired her. Imlie looks at her Mother shocked.

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