Pandya Store 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Shiva apologizing to Rishta for the misunderstanding. Gautam says that Janardan has already done wrong with them, so they misunderstood him. Dhara says that they should apologize. Gautam says that he will apologize for the misunderstanding, but what Janardan did with Krish is wrong. Gautam goes to apologize to Janardan, but Rishita stops him both of them misunderstood the situation and says no need to apologize. Krish apologizes to Rishita and Rishita apologizes to Krish for the embarrassment he has to face due her family. Gautam hugs Rishita. The latter cries. Yaadon ki baaraat plays in the BG. Rishita then hugs Dhara. Family has a group hug. Raavi looks them.

Kalyaani and Keerti are worried for Janardan. Kalyaani phones Rishita, but she’s not answering the call. Janardan comes back home. Kalyaani asks if he’s fine. She wants to call doctor. Janardan shouts and says that he won’t spare the Pandyas, he will avenge his insult. He doubts that Kalyaani, Keerti and Kamini are hiding something from him. He asks where Kamini is. He calls out her and leaves from there.

Suman says that police beat Krish lot, so can’t seat. Shiva and Raavi laugh. Suman says that they will have puja the next day as she prayed to God for Dhara’s return then they will have celebrate it having a party. Rishita complaints that they didn’t celebrate when she got job. She leaves getting upset. Suman tells Dev to leave Rishita at her father’s house for some days as she will feel bad after what happened. Dhara suggest having a surprise party for Rishita. Gautam also supports Dhara’s idea. Suman agrees and asks two invite her two guest. Gautam asks who they are. Suman says that she forgot to give the good news, she fixed Shiva’s alliance shocking everyone. The girl will attend the party and will meet all of them, and she will talk to Shiva and will know him too. Suman further says that she won’t let Shiva stay alone.

She says that party won’t take place, if her guests don’t come. Suman asks to call Prafulla too to see how Shiva and Shivani’s jodi will shine. She will invite Prafulla by herself. Raavi gets sad. Suman asks why she’s sad, she said that she has come for this family’s happiness, Shiva’s marriage is their biggest happiness. Raavi looks at Shiva. Suman asks Raavi why she keeps looking at Shiva and taunts that she wanted divorce. She adds that Shiva can’t change her decision. Suman asks Raavi to tell about Shivani to Prafulla. Raavi says that she doesn’t know her. Suman tells that the girl completed B.A and from a rich family.

Pandya Store 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

They don’t want dowry, she wants a simple and good family. She’s beautiful and sensible girl, who won’t ask divorce for. The most important thing she liked Shiva. Raavi looks at Shiva. He looks away. Suman says that Dhara won’t do any arrangements and asks her to rest. Krish says to Dhara to get the arrangements done by Shiva and Raavi. Shiva leaves from there. Gautam also leaves. Suman says that Shiva cooks well and asks Krish to make a list of his favorite dish. Krish says that she can’t make better food than Raavi. Suman beats Krish and says to obey her. Krish says that he will ask Shivani to make brinjal sabsi first. Suman says first Dhara did magic and they all are keep saying Dhara for everything and now they are doing same with Raavi. She says that no mind when new girl will come, she will win their heart too.

Anita is happy that Dhara is missing and she can get Gautam now. She dreams of romancing Gautam. Anita is about to kiss Prafulla thinking she’s Gautam. Prafulla shouts and brings Anita to the reality. Prafulla scolds her. She asks Anita where she’s going. Anita says that she’s going to Pandya house to take care of Dhara and Gautam as Dhara is missing. Prafulla says that Dhara has returned home and she can only dream. She leaves while Anita shouts in anger.

Gautam comes to Dhara. Dhara gets worried on seeing Gautam crying and asks what happened. Gautam says what if something happened to her. He hugs her tightly and says that he would have died if anything had happened to her. Dhara says Gautam to live for their unborn baby and other family members. She won’t leave him that easily. Gautam kisses her forehead and hugs her.

Precap: Someone closes Raavi’s mouth and takes her. Krish shouts. Family comes and asks what happened. Krish says that Raavi got kidnapped shocking everyone.

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