Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th October 2021 Written Update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th October 2021 Mishra smiles reading newspaper. Shanti asks if he saw a beautiful woman’s photo. Mishra says he is reading his horoscope and its written he will get a wealth. She asks not to talk about horoscope as her horoscope predicted she will marry a talent and rich man, but Mishra has a pan shop. Mishra gets a letter from Vishwas Bank,

reads it and happily says its a miracle, her great grandfather Devi Prasad Mishra had made an FD 70 years ago and he will get all the money. Shanti also reads letter and asks if someone is pranking them. Mishra calls bank manager and says he got a bank letter regarding his great grandfather’s FD. Manager asks if he is Ramesh Prasad Mishra, they were searching him since 2 years and asks him to visit bank within 15 days with aadhar card and 2 evidences with aadhar card who can identify him.

Mishra says he doesn’t have aadhar card. Manager asks him to visit bank in 15 days with aadhar card or else money will go to government treasury. Shanti scolds him that she asked him many times to get aadhar card, but he didn’t listen to him. He says his fan will make his aadhar card and calls him, but fan rudely denies to identify him but promises to make card in 5 days. Shanti taunts Mishra and asks who will give evidence in his favor. Mishra says they need to find out, soon they will be crorepatis.

Bittu over phone scolds Pappu to return soon. Dr. Kooda visits him and says he will give him a big news if he feeds him samosa and tea. Bittu scolds why should he waste 25 rs for his waste news. Dr. Kooda informs about Mishra becoming crorepati soon with his great grandfather’s FD money if he gets an aadhar card. Bittu praises him for his news ands says he will make sure nobody makes Mishra’s aadhar card.

Mishra visits his pan shop happily humming. Mirza calls him and asks if he is becoming a crorepati with charity money. Mishra says its his ancestral wealth, which Mirza cannot understand as he is a broke Nawab. Their argument starts. Dr. Kooda with Bittu visits them and informs Mishra that his friend denied to give evidence. Mishra says his servant Majnu will. Majnu denies citing astrologer’s prediction that he will die if he gives evidence. Mishra then asks Dr. Kooda and Bittu. They both also give weird reasons.

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Mishra returns home and informs Shanti that nobody wants to give evidence in his favor. Shanti butters maid Paro and tries to convince her to give evidence. Paro also denies to give evidence citing weird reason. Noor hearing them says if it was her time, she would have arranged whole Lucknow to give evidence in Mishra’s favor. Shanti requests to convince Mirza and Sakeena to give evidence.

Noor agrees and says even their father will. Mirza informs Sakeena that his mother ordered them to give evidence is Mishra’s favor. She denies and asks him to tell his mother to take back her promise as Mishras are unworthy of their help. Noor hearing that gives her gold bangles to Mirza and asks him to get it polished as she wants to gift to ones who will obey and serve her. Greedy Sakina agrees to help Mishras.

Majnu visits Bittu and informs him that Mishras and Mirzas have gone to make aaadhar card. Bittu calls aadhar card agent and asks him not to make their aadhar card or delay it for more than 15 days. Agent says they will visit some other center, but he will do something and let them stuck for months. Bittu thanks him and gets happy. Shanti gets aadhar card and happily gives it to Mishra, Sakeena, and Mirza.

Sakeena says she looks so ugly in Aadhar card, so she will not show it to anyone. Mishras and Mirzas find their identities exchanged. Mishra calls agent and scolds him for exchanging their identities. Agent says he needs 20 days to correct their cards. Mishra offers him bribe to change it in a day. Agent says he cannot change it before 20 days. Shanti collapses hearing that.

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