Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 1st October 2021  episode starts with Mishra taunting Mirza after he loses haveli to Bittu. Brij and Noor return home from their sibling’s house and discuss that children forcefully sent them to their siblings’ house. They see them fighting and rush to stop their fight. Brij seeing their bags out asks why are they fighting like crows. Kids inform them whole story.

Brij scolds Mishra if he wants to send him to old age home. Inam gets D’Costa’s adhaar card while cleaning room and shows it to Mirza. Mirza seeing Shakuni’s aadhar remembers him setting up a chausar gambling stall in market. Mishra realizes Kurri anna was Bittu and they both fooled them and grabbed their haveli. Brij asks them to call Bittu here right now to play chausar game again. Mirza says Bittu and Shakuni are expert gamblers. Brij says he will play chausar with them and asks to call Bittu right now.

Bittu visits haveli and asks Mirza and Mishra why did they call him before vacating haveli. Mirza shows Shakuni adhaar card and confronts that he and his puppet fooled them as D’Costa and Kurri and grabbed their haveli. Bittu agrees and calls Shakuni. Their fight starts. Brij stops them and respectfully greets them in.

Bittu gets happy and praises Brij, then says if he wants haveli back, he will not return it. Brij says he himself is planning to leave this haveli; Bittu has only won haveli but not lawn and entrance, so how will he enter haveli. Bittu gets confused and asks its price. Brij says he wants to play chausar game with him bet lawn and entrance against haveli. Bittu agrees and goes to bring his sensor fixed dices. Brij picks his chausar dices from his trunk which Guddu notices.

Bittu return with his sensor fixed dices. Brij asks Shanti to serve snacks to Bittu first. Guddu and Pooja serve rasgulla to Bittu and drop its juice on his pant. Bittu says he will buy a dozen pants after winning lawn and entrance. Brij starts playing game and wins first round. Bittu angrily trashes Shakuni.

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Bittu’s turn comes and he loses game in second move itself. Mirzas and Mishras rejoice. Bittu demands to play once more. Brij agrees and asks him what will he bet. Bittu bets his jewelry, flat, bike, and even his clothes. He throws dice and loses on first move itself. Brij wins the game. Mishras and Mirzas rejoice again.

Shakuni informs Bittu its not his dices. Bittu alleges Brij of forgery. Brij shows his sensor fixed dices and reveals how Guddu changed dices with original ones. Bittu pleads to forgive him. Brij returns his stuff and sends him away. Mishra says its proved that a father is a always a father. They all laugh.

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