Barister Babu 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Barister Babu 1st October 2021 Episode starts for Binoy asking for sweets. Sampoorna says you can’t have sweets, doctor asked you not to eat sweets. Binoy gets angry and shouts for Anirudh. Bondita says your son will be with you tomorrow, really. He says I trust you. Trilochan sends Binoy. He says you said a big thing to calm him, I wish you said it true. She says yes, you will have tears of happiness tomorrow. He asks did you get anything imp. She says no, I can’t tell you anything, but trust me. He blesses her.

Bondita studies some books. Rishta tera mera…..plays…. Anirudh is in the lockup. Tapur says you work day and night, don’t you get tired. Bondita says I get tired, but … She recalls Anirudh. She says this solid coffee and the inspiration from Anirudh reminds me my motive, we have to go to the court at 10am, no one should know about your testimony. Tapur says I won’t break my promise, I will tell the entire truth and support Anirudh. Bondita sees someone going out. She says its Tupur, where is she going with the food, I have to see. Tupur comes to some old temple.

Bondita follows and comes there. Tupur says I have come with the food for you, come out, there is no one except me, come. He smiles. She says I got clothes for you. Bondita thinks whom is she giving Chandrachur’s clothes. Tupur says its just like you said, come out. Bondita thinks who is hiding there. She sees Tapur with a dummy. She cries. Tupur asks how do you like these clothes, I miss you, everyone got mad, they say you aren’t alive, you are with me. Bondita thinks Tupur is living a lie, she is in trauma.

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Tupur gets dizzy. She falls. Bondita goes and holds her. She asks her to get up. She says I can understand your pain, our pain is similar, we love our husbands a lot, how to explain you, the person who love is a devil, he was married to you and thought of you, he has tried to ruin Tapur’s respect, his real face will be out tomorrow. I know you will be much hurt, your trust will break, he is dead, but I have to get him punished, forgive me.

Its morning, Trilochan reads the news of Bondita. He laughs. Bondita comes. He says she can save her husband, she will win. Somnath brings the radio. They hear the news of the case, will Bondita save her husband from the death sentence. Trilochan says stop it. Somnath says the case got famous because of Bondita. Sampoorna says win and come, keep the wife’s Dharm, student’s Dharm and friend’s Dharm well. Bondita takes everyone’s blessings. She leaves. The media is outside the court.

The villagers also come. Subodh hears the people talking about a female barrister fighting a case. Anirudh is brought there. Subodh says it will be a drama of the female barrister. The peon says its judge’s decision, no one will come inside the court, just the barristers and the accused will come for the hearing. Trilochan asks won’t he let me come. Bondita says sorry, its imp to prove Anirudh innocent. Anirudh thinks so you thought of this way, I m proud of you. Aaja aaja….plays…

The judge asks them to start the case. Bondita says thanks for stopping the people from coming on our appeal. Subodh says its a way to buy some more breath for her husband. She says yes, right, I m trying to save him, I will present a witness, it will prove why the accused was silent, he is innocent, permit me to call the witness. Judge says call. She calls the girls. Tapur and the girls come in, wearing same colour clothes, and stand together. Anirudh smiles and thinks the truth will come out and Tapur’s identity will stay hidden. Subodh says I knew that some drama will happen today, what can be expected from a female barrister, what’s this drama. Bondita says let me speak, my witness is a girl, her truth and respect are connected, she wants to keep her identity hidden. Subodh says if we can’t see her face, how will we believe that its true or a drama.

Bondita says its truth, society will point at her character, so she wants to hide her identity, I want your permission to bring the truth out and get justice. Subodh says I don’t understand, why these seven women when witness is one. Bondita says witness’ identity shouldn’t come out. He says get the witness out, else I won’t believe it true. Bondita says don’t believe, I don’t care, I don’t have to prove it to you, I have to prove it to the judge. The judge says your witness can give testimony as she wants. Bondita thanks him. Anirudh signs all the best. She smiles. The man says keep the hand on Gita and swear, you will tell the truth. All the girls swear to tell the truth.

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