Barister Babu 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Barister Babu 30th September 2021 Episode starts with Thakumaa asking Tapur to get Durga maa bangles. Tapur says its not here, see this. They see the empty box. They see the footmarks and follow. They come to see Bihari. Bihari keeps the bangles in the rice box. Thakumaa asks him to open the box. She checks and gets the bangles. She raises hand on him. Bondita stops her. Thakumaa scolds him. She says Bihari is caught stealing, I will send him to the jail. Bondita says calm down, we will lose our name.

Thakumaa asks why, he did wrong, he will lose his name, I will get him punished. Bondita asks won’t you punish Chandrachur, he tried to ruin a girl’s respect, it isn’t a small crime, he should lose his name, Tapur isn’t at fault, if we keep quiet, then such crime doers will get encouraged, Tapur has to tell the truth. Thakumaa says I understood, but we will not tell the truth, she won’t get her respect back, I can’t see her defamation. She takes Tapur with her.

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Bondita says listen to me. Thakumaa says don’t worry for Anirudh, I had made arrangements to make him escape from the prison. Bondita asks her not to do this, and understand Tapur’s pain, she will see a devil in every man, she can’t be happy even with her husband. She says we don’t have to make Anirudh escape from the jail, we have to help Tapur and end her fear, we have to scare those sinners to never see any girl badly, we worship Durga and Kaali, why don’t we make the girls as Durga and Kaali,

why don’t we given them trishul to protect themselves and kill the sinners, why don’t you free the girls with the burden to handle family respect. Thakumaa says girls have to keep their respect covered like this. She covers the bangles in a cloth.

Bondita says Tapur also kept it covered, what happened, you have seen it right, she is scared, let her fear end, else you will find a good life for her, and she will find a reason to die, save Tapur. Tapur cries. Thakumaa says yes, you are saying right, I couldn’t save Tapur from that devil, I will save her now. She asks Tapur to come,

they will take the bangles for Durga maa. She says I promise, I won’t let your truth come out. Bondita says if Tapur isn’t defamed then, if no one knows that she said in the court, then will you let her say the truth. Thakumaa asks is this possible. Bondita says I can make this possible, its my promise, trust me. Tapur says then I m ready.

Thakumaa asks will you keep your promise. Bondita says surely, till I die. She goes and apologizes to Bihari. He says I know you are doing this for Anirudh and this family, everything will be fine. She says yes, really. Bondita comes to meet Anirudh. She asks him to pat her back. He asks did you convince Tapur to say the truth. She nods. She says don’t ask me how I convinced her, you will know it in the court. He pats her back and says bravo Bondita, I m proud of you.

She says you said this after a long time. He says I m really proud of you. She says save this for tomorrow. He asks her to go to the court now. She asks does anyone send away newly wedded bride like this. He asks are you a newly wedded bride. She says you made me old so soon. He says its not bad to be old, when love is old, then its colour is dense, our relation is old. She smiles. He says bravo Bondita. They go out with the constables. Subodh sees them and says Durga maa, bless these lovers jodi, these barrister jodi, I wish to pray for you, but I can’t, I know you have to get separated, Anirudh.

He says instead of saving you, she has come here to get your love, its fine, its not wrong, you both have few days left, she should get 100 marks as a wife, even if she gets a zero as a barrister. Anirudh says you said right, Bondita should get 100 marks for a wife’s role, she is a good wife, she feeds me food as Annapurna, she teaches me new lessons as Saraswati, she completes me as Laxmi, she doesn’t just pray to Durga Maa for me, she becomes my protective shield by becoming Durga Maa when needed,

she is a great wife, but when she wears the barrister robe, then she takes another avatar, Kaali Maa, she becomes Kaali Maa, she will oppose/destroy you and the crimedoers in the court, you always say that you didn’t lose any case, now you will lose to Bondita, it will be written in the history that a female barrister has defeated you, her name is Barrister Babu Bondita Roy Choudhary. Subodh says you will lose your life, she will lose. She goes. Anirudh says you will win. She says we will win. They smile. Rishta tera mera….plays….

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