Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

The episode starts with Mithila tells everyone that today is Navratri and asks Gopika to honor the God with the gold ornament which she used to do all these years. Gopika goes towards the jewelry. Uma comes there and asks to stop it. Gopika looks at her confusedly. Mithila asks Uma why she asked to stop. Uma tells Mithila that this pandal is kept for everyone then why they are the one who has to do the honor not other’s. Uma also tells that they used to kept this pandal in their house.

Ramila asks Minal why Uma is always coming to the house and creating dramas. Minal tells Ramila that they are the one who kept pandal when their business is doing good but after Saksham takes over Modi’s business he made their business number one so Modi’s got the opportunity to keep this pandal for Navratri puja. Ramila tells Ashi that they can use this on their favor and smiles. Mithila tells Uma that they know why they are keeping the pandal not Uma’s family.

Uma then asks is this is fair to other house’s daughter in law who wont get the opportunity to do the honor to god. They have to conduct the competition and one who prove themselves as a brave person that person will do the honor to God. Mithila tells Uma that Gopika akeeady proved herself that she is a brave person so there is no need to conduct the competition. Other ladies asks Uma why she is creating unnecessary drama to which Uma tells that she wants everything to be fair to happen to everyone.

Mithila agrees to conduct the competition and tells Uma that she is sure that her daughter in law will win the competition and do the honor. Uma mocks at Mithila and asks her she dont even have a child then how come she call Gopika as her daughter in law and tells Saksham is Minal’s son not hers so asks her to come out of her illusion. Everyone gets shocked. Mithila gets emotional..Ramila and Ashi smiles. Mithila turns away from everyone.

Gopika goes to Uma and tells that Mithila is Saksham’s mother the way Yashoda is Krishna’s mother who may not have give birth to Lord Krishna but she is the one who done everything for him and taken good care of him the same way Mithila has taken care of Saksham. She also further tells giving birth to a child is really a biggest thing but taking care of the child also giving good upbringing is also equally matter. She then tells that Mithila has two sons one is Saksham and other one is Chirag and two daughter in laws one is Ashi and she is the other one and her name is Gopika.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ramila and Ashi gets annoyed but other family members of the Modi’s gets happy. Mithila blesses Gopika and then explains everyone the importance about the Navrati puja and why its conducting for nine days. Then they all chant God’s name together. Mithila and Uma faces each other. Uma asks Mithila is she is ready to conduct the competition. Mithila says yes. Uma asks Mithila who is from her family is going to take part in this competition. Gopika asks Ashi to take part in this competition because she is sure she will win the competition and mahea everyone proud. Ashi tells Gopika that she is right and raises her hand and moves towards Mithila and Uma. Ramila stops Ashi and pushes Gopika who falls nearby Mithila.

Mithila gets happy and tells that she is going to take her name only but before that she has taken her blessings and tells Uma that Gopika will take part in this competition. Ashi scolds Ramila for ruining the opportunity to honor the god but Ramila tells that they have to use this opportunity to make Mithila realise that Gopika isn’t a brave person so that she will throw Gopika out of the house.

Thejal asks everyone to take their things to.decorate the idol. Everyone run towards the place where the things are kept. Gopika also follows them but she fails to take one because everyone snatches one another also not let her touch any of the things. Thejal goes out of the house and calls VJ and wonders why he is not answering her calls. Hiten comes there and tells Thejal what VJ told her about but Thejal refuses to believe him and tells him to stay away saying that he is jealous of VJ also even if she is single she wont give someone like Hiten to a chance in her life and leaves the place angrily.

Hiten gets shocked. Ramila and Ashi enjoys seeing Gopika’s struggle. Gopika finally gets the things to decorate God’s idol but gets shocked seeing the dirt in the cloth. Baa asks Mithila why she agreed to Umas condition this competition may create conflicts between one another. Mithila explain why she did this also she tells that Gopika will win this competition and goes to he room to take rest because Baa asks her to do. Gopila washes the cloth and puts outside the house to dry.

Ashi comes there and tells Gopika that she don’t have much time so she can’t dry like so she will help her and takes the clothes with her and takes it to the kitchen where she shows the oven to Gopika and tells her it will help her to dry clothes. Gopika gets confused and questions Ashi that it’s to preheat food and all only right.

Ashi acts like that she is not understanding that she is going to help her only so Gopika agrees to do what Ashi asks her to. Gopika puts the clothes in the oven then gets shocked when the oven makes sound. She wonders what happened. Ramila and Ashi happily smiles seeing Gopika.

Precap: Gopika cries and asks god to help her because once again because of her foolishness she is putting Mithila’s respect at stake. Later Mithla brings the guest and tells them that she is sure she will love Gopika’s idol which she decorated. Gopika gets scared when someone scares her. She falls to the ground unconsciously. Ramila tells before end of this Navratri that she will expose Gopika’s truth to Mithila.

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