RadhaKrishn 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

RadhaKrishn 30th September 2021 Rukmini wakes up Radha. Radha says she is feeling relaxed after a long time. Rukmini says that means her worries are gone now and the reason for coming to jungle is fulfilled. Krishna notices hunter Jara failing repeatedly to shoot arrow at target and walks towards him.

Devi Gauri notices that and asks Mahadev it Krishna is going to meet hunter. Mahadev says Jara never shot his arrow at a target, but he is born with a reason and he will shoot a arrow which will end Krishna’s life on earth.

Krishna walks to Jara. Jara shouts if he came to taunt him for missing target. Krishna says until he fears losing something, he cannot hit his target. Jara says he is right and fixes diamond ring at a target. Krishna noticing it remembers gifting it to Radha, picks it and says someone gifted it to someone with love and wants it. Jara snatches it and says he will not give it. Krishna says he will pay him what he wants, he will teach him archery. Jara asks if he is capable of teaching him.

Krishna shows an example and hits center target. Jara is amazed to see that. Krishna says he will teach him until he can tear a leaf into 2 with his arrow and teaches him how to hold bow and shoot arrow. Jara hits target and gets more amazed. Krishna says he must be in sorrow as he cannot feed his wife and son.

Jara kneels down in front of Krishna and says he doesn’t know who he is, but he seems to know about him well; he is very poor in Krishna’s rich Dwarka. Krishna asks why didn’t he reach Krishna yet. Jara says there are many dignitaries who don’t allow common people to reach Krishna. Krishna promises him to teach him till he becomes a successful archer. Devi Gauri and Mahadev get concerned hearing Krishna promising a person who will end hi life. Jara asks his name. Krishna says his name is Achyuth. Jara asks him to make him like him.

RadhaKrishn 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Krishna returns to Radha and Rukmini. Radha asks where was he. He returns her ring and says she must have dropped it in jungle while wandering. Radha insists him to tell how he got it. He explains whole story. Radha gets tensed.

They return to Dwarka. Balram notices Radha tensed and asks reason from Krishna. Krishna explains him whole story. Balram asks him not to worry and leaves. Sam hears their conversation and thinks he needs to find out how he can get out of it.

Precap :Radha asks Rukmini to stop Krishna from teaching Jara. Rukmini reminds Krishna their oath during wedding and asks him to break his promise made to Jara. Krishna says he frees her of the promises he made during wedding.

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