RadhaKrishn 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

RadhaKrishn 29th September 2021 Radha thinks Krishna is hiding truth from her and she needs to find out of truth. She silently walks away while Krishna is asleep. Krishna opens eyes and thinks she cannot stop destiny and shouldn’t go on this path. Radha walks into jungle and gets afraid hearing a tiger sound. In palace, Balram gets tensed when Krishna doesn’t return. Revati says Krishna is a powerful man, so he need not worry.

Balram says as an elder brother and Dwarka’s protector, his worry is obvious. Radha notices 2 men around calls them for help. They pull out sword. She hides and thinks she shouldn’t have sought help from strangers. She hides. One of them sees her and follows her. They both corner her. She says they don’t know who she is. He says she is an enemy spy. Radha says she is from Dwarka and is. They drop their swords and with folding hands say she being a Dwarka citizen is enough for her, they immensely respect Krishna for his kindness, and asks if she has seen Krishna and how does he look like.

She describes Krishna’s beauty. They say they never heard such a beautiful description. She shows them arrow and asks she is searching a hunter who uses it. They laugh and says this bland arrow cannot even cut a leaf, it belongs to world’s most incompetent hunter Jara who never succeeded in life, she can find him in a hut nearby.

Radha notices Jara’s hut and peeps into it. Jara’s wife confronts him for returning without any food and letting his family suffer without food, she consoled their son by acting as cooking, Krishna’s all citizens are happy except him, he should at least seek charity from Krishna and bring food for his family.

RadhaKrishn 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Radha feels sad seeing that and thinks if she gives him some money, he will stop hunting which in turn will not harm Krishna. She looks at her ring gifted by Krishna and remembers her and Krishna spending quality time feeding Krishna’s favorite food butter. She asks Krishna if he is made of 5 elements agni/fire, vaayu/air, akash/sky, jal/water, prithvi/earth. All 5 elements emerge and turn into a red ruby. Krishna turns it into a ring and gifts it to her. Out of flashback, she keeps ring in window and hopes Jara’s problems are solved with this ring and he stops hunting.

Radha returns to Krishna and thinks she came before time and its good Krishna didn’t wake up yet. She holds Krishna’s hand and thinks Krishna can peacefully sleep now. She falls asleep on his shoulder. Krishna thinks he doesn’t know where she came from, but he is happy seeing her smiling. Next morning, Jagar wakes up and remembering his wife’s taunts walks out holding bow and arrow. He sees diamond ring in window and thinks its very precious, he will keep it as he didn’t steal it. He calls his wife, but then thinks he will sell it and hire a good archer guru and become a successful hunter soon. Krishna hears his conversation.

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