RadhaKrishn 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

RadhaKrishn 28th September 2021 Sam informs Radha and Rukmini that he made arrangements for their jungle vacation. Krishna enters and asks if everything is ready. Radha says Sam made all the arrangements. Krishna says he knows Sam is behind everything. Sam says he learnt it from him.

Balram asks Krishna if he will not take him along. Sam asks who will take care of Dwarka if he also goes. Balram warns him not to interfere between brothers. Krishna says Sam is right, Balram has to be present here to take care of Dwarka in his absence, he will call Balram if needed. Balram agrees. Krishna with Radha and Rukmini heads towards jungle. A hunter is seen following a deer trying to hunt it but failing repeatedly.

After reaching jungle, Krishna tells Radha that he is thirsty and will get some water. Radha says they will bring water for him. He says after many days, he got a change to do his own work and goes to fetch water from a lake. Hunter continues following a deer and see it shoots arrow at it, but fails. Radha gets worried for Krishna and runs searching him. She then relaxes seeing Krishna fine.

Sam meets Shukracharya and asks how can anyone kill Krishna when everyone love him and there is no enemy. Shukracharya says he never told that Krishna will die via enemy, his dear one will kill him. Sam says Krishna will not be spared. Radha with Krishna returns to Radha. Radha asks where was she. She says she felt Krishna in danger, so went worried for him. Krishna gives some moral gyaan.

RadhaKrishn 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update

They serve him food. Radha signals Rukmini and calling her aside asks her to ask Krishna about his death so that they can stop it. Rukmini agrees and tells Krishna that she wants to ask him something as a wife. He says he knows she will speak Radha’s words. Rukmini asks what is wrong in it. Krishna says let things go as they are and giving an example says let time flow on its own and when its a time, she will get answer to her question and hence she need not worry before time. Rukmini says he is right, but she is worried seeing Radha’s worry.

Radha hopes her dream doesn’t get true. She sees an arrow on river bank and thinks Krishna lied and tried to her. She remembers hunter shooting Krishna’s food and thinks Krishna has to answer her questions. She runs and hugs him. He asks why is she in fear. She says he lied to her that her dream is not true.

He says nothing happened. She shows arrow and says she found this arrow where he was drinking water. He says he and a deer were having water together, deer went somewhere. Radha says deers get attracted to him and don’t run away, but deer ran away this time. Krishna asks if she thinks a normal hunter can kill him who couldn’t kill a deer. He consoles her and takes her along. She looks back at arrow and feels still worried.

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