RadhaKrishn 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :–

RadhaKrishn 27th September 2021 Radha and Krishna relax on a swing. She says she was separated from him for 100 years, now she wants him to hold her hand forever. Krishna says even he wishes same, but can’t even if he wants to. She says he gives loves people who wish love, helps people who wish help, and celebrated her birthday lavishly; she puts him in trouble often, he must be getting tired working so much.

She says he gets fresh when she relaxes. She says whenever she closes eyes, she fears of losing him. He holds her hand and says she will not get any bad dreams, it unwise to worry about future and stop living presence; he asks her to forget all the worries and live the moment.

Balram notices Sam wandering and follows him. Sam meets Shukracharya who says this place is unsafe and disappears with him. Balram thinks Sam is conspiring something, he needs to inform Krishna. He walks to Krishna who signals her to stop, makes Radha sleep on a pillow and says he doesn’t want to leave her alone, but situation doesn’t let him to. Balram asks if he knows what is happening.

Krishna says he doesn’t want to know what is happening and just wants to enjoy moments with Radha like a common man. Balram says he has responsibilities as a Narayan. Krishna says everyone remember him as Narayan but not as nar/man who wants peace. Balram says he can’t and asks if he knows what Sam is conspiring with Shukracharya.

Krishna says these events of him and Radha worrying for his life, Sam’s conspiracies, tussle between Yaduvanshs are all signs that its time for him to leave this world. Balram asks how can they stop future disaster. Krishna says even he is bounded by kaal chakra and only Radha can see the future, nobody can stop his death now. Radha wakes up worried dreaming same about an archer killing Krishna.

RadhaKrishn 24th-Sept-2021 Written Episode Update

Shukracharya informs Sam that he found a jungle where Krishna will be killed. Sam asks if Krishna will die outside house. Shukracharya says they need to find a person who will kill Krishna. Sam asks why should they waste time searching a person.

Radha gets worried for Krishna’s life. She walks to Rukmini and reminds her of the promises she made to Krishna during their wedding. Rukmini nods yes. Radha says she is Krishna’s first and superior among ashtabharyas and should ask him when and how will he die to stop his death. Rukmini gets tensed and says they both will stop Krishna’s death. Radha thanks her. Krishna via his superpowers notices their worries.

Sam walks to them and giving a letter informs that a person from jungle has complained Krishna that he takes care of city and has ignored jungle completely. They decide to accompany Krishna and while feeding him food insists to take them to jungle for a vacation. He agrees and thinks let him see if they follow their karma or not. An archer is seen targeting a deer.

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