Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th-Sept-2021 Written Episode Update :–

The episode starts with Mithila tells that their house rule is the ritual has to be done by the first daughter in law of the house. Gopika tells Mithila but she told her Mithila intervenes and tells her that she had some confusions now everything is clear and takes the coconut from Ashi’s hand who furiously looks at Ashi. Ramila gets relieved. Gopika does the ritual. Ashi scolds Ramila saying because of her only all this happening. Mithila then asks Saksham and Chirag to take the idol to do the next part of the ritual. Everyone follows Saksham and Chirag. Saksham stops in a mid way. Baa asks him why he is stopping like this.

Thejal makes fun of Saksham saying that he needs Gopika’s help. Saksham says that he is perfectly fine but Mithila tells that Thejal is right and asks Chirag to give his place to Gopika. Gopika smiles and takes the place of Chirag then both she and Saksham takes the idol and puts it in the place where the next part of the ritual has to done. Mithila asks Saksham and Gopika to take blessings from the priest. Saksham gets angry when the priest blesses them and talk about having them kids.

Mithila says to Baa that she is wrong because Gopika is a brave person. Keshav tells Mithila that Gopika may be a brave person but she didnt changed Saksham’s mind about having kids. Mithila tells Keshav that she is sure that Gopika will change Saksham’s thought soon.

Ramila tells Ashi that she has to fail in few of small things like this to achieve bigger things. She also promises Ashi that within twenty four hours she will make Mithila throw Gopika out of the house after learning that Gopika is not a brave person by which Ashi will get a place which she wants also she will get her servant back. Ashi gets happy.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th-Sep -2021 Written Episode Update

The next day everyone looks afraid seeing Mithila scolding one of the worker for a mistake. Baa tells that today is Keshav and Minal’s wedding anniversary. Ashi tells that it’s a happy occasion to celebrate. Baa agrees and tells that Mithila sacrificed so much and made Minal as Keshav’s wife this day and she made sure every year they have to celebrate this day also she wants everything to be perfect if anything goes wrong then she won’t spare that person she warns Gopika and Ashi to not to mess up anything. They both obliges.

Keshav and Minal cones downstairs. Mithila gives Minal a flower bouquet and wishes her for her 30th anniversary. She also tells that she dont want anyone to forget this day not because she sacrificed but because this house get a daughter in law like Minal who is capable to fulfill the wishes of this house people. She then asks everyone to wish Minal and Keshav. Everyone goes and wishes Keshav and Minal. Saksham and Gopika also goes towards Keshav and Minal but Saksham stops when Keshav tells that this is indeed a happy day because of this day only all his wishes gets fulfilled. Gopika worriedly looks at Saksham who looks angry. Minal excuses herself.

Keshav scolds Saksham for hurting his mother like this. Saksham tells Keshav that for him his mother is Mithila. Keshav leaves the place angrily. Mithila scolds Saksham for hurting Minal like this. She further stops Saksham for talking and tells that she doesn’t care about others and for her this day is as special as for her like others because in this day her decision comes out right also she got her son Saksham. She dont care about anything or anyone she only care about her Saksham who loves her a lot so nothing matters to her. She then tells Saksham that he upset Minal so he is the one who is going to make her happy.

Mithila also tells that Keshav bought a gift for Minal every year and she will take good care of the gift and give it to Minal but this year it’s not her but Saksham and Gopika has to give it to Minal and asks Saksham to not to argue with her and leaves the place. Saksham looks at Gopika then walks away from there.

Thejal hears some noise so she goes to see who that person is. She decides to hit the person thinking its thief but gets shocked seeing the VJ who tells her that he wants to see her that’s why he came here. He then takes a selfie with her and decides to upload it but Thejal stops him saying everyone will get to know. The VJ asks Thejal there is nothing going between them or not. Thejal blushes but then gets scared when she hears Mithila is calling her so she asks him to leave the place promising to meet him.

Mithila shows the ring to Saksham-Gopika and Chirag-Ashi and tells Saksham and Gopika to protect it so that in the party they can give it to Minal but Saksham asks Mithila to give the ring to Gopika and leaves the place. Ashi asks Mithila the price of the ring. Mithila tells her it’s two crore. Ashi gets shocked. Mithila gives the ring to Gopika and asks her not to mess up and leaves the place. Ashi tells Ramila about everything that happened so Ramila tells Ashi that she has a plan by which she will get the place in everyone’s heart which she wants also she will get her servant Gopila back.

Gopika says to herself that she dont want to disappoint Mithila again so she will work from here while keeping an eye on the ring. Ashi comes there and thinks when Gopika will leave the place so that she can take the ring. While chopping the onions Gopika’s eyes fills with tears so she decides to clean it first. Ashi enters the room but makes the things falls to the ground. Ashi gets shocked and scared. Gopika turns around and gets confused seeing Ashi in her room.

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