Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th-Sep -2021 Written Episode Update :-

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th September 2021 Aashi says Gopika why are you so dressed? She says I was taking blessings from moshak ji. This bottle has his food. Aashi says it’s rat poison to kill it. I added it in the laddu. I will kill him. Gopika says please don’t do this. Aashi places laddus all over the house. Gopika says please dont’do this. Gopika says bapa I will try to save Moshak ji (mouse).

Ramila comes to Modi house. Nikhila says very punctual. You said Gopika is educated. You also said she does what she plans. Ramila says yes. Nikhila says you also said Gopika is brave. Ramila says she is. Nikhila says remember these words. If I find out you lied, not just Gopika but you and Aashi will also be considered culprits. Got it? She says yes. Rani comes and says let’s go for pooja. Nikhila says let’s go for pooja. After that I need to take some decisions.

Everyone does pooja. Gopika looks at them. Chiragh and Saksham pick the idol. Rani says why is this laddu here? Asshi says these are for the mouse. It has annoyed me so much. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila says what? Moshak will eat the laddu. We have to save him. The moshak is about to eat the laddu. Gopika distracts him with safe laddu. He follows it and goes to Gopika. She says give me blessings Moshak ji. Saksham recalls what she asid. The mouse leaves. Nikhila says Gopika all this? She says I wasn’t allowed to come in the temple so I thought I should take blessing from Moshak ji.

Aashi says I made such a good plan to kill it. Gopika ruined my plan. Let me teach her a lesson. Aashi comes to Gopika and says you’re so idiot. You useless. Ramila says Aashi how dare you try to kill Moshak. Aashi says he was eating the prasad. Ramila says thank God Gopika saved Moshak. You were going to kill Ganpati’s blessings. Gopika is your SIL, she does what is right.

Nikhila says Gopika did right with moshak and Aashi tried to kill Moshak ji. Aashi went to scold Gopika. If Gopika listens to her it will be proved that Gopika isn’t brave. Ramila says Gopika scold Aashi. Gopika says how can I? Ramila says she tried to kill Moshak. Gopika says she might have made a mistake. It’s okay. Ramila says scold her. Ramila sees Nikhila is coming there. She says shout Gopika. Gopika says I don’t know how to scold. Ramila says say what she was saying to you.

Nikhila looks inside. Gopika says Aashi you’re stupid. How could you do that to Moshak ji? And you’re questioning me? Because of you Moshak ji could die. What did you do? Wha is all this? Nikhila says gopika is brave. My decision was right. She leaves. Gopika says I can’t disappoint maa ji anymore. Ramila says enough now. Gopika says you asked me to say all this.

Nikhila says Tejal you came up with good solution to wash the idol in the house. Aashi says I have prepared everything. Let’s take evil eye off Ganpati ji. Nikhila says stop. She says Gopika come here. Eldest DIL takes evil eye off. You will do it. She says I had a few doubts, now they are gone. Baa says yes.

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