Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :–

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th September 2021 Episode starts with Chiku sleeping with Nupur. Rangoli comes and sees all the kids sleeping. She gets sad and leaves. Chiku wakes up in the morning. She shouts seeing Nupur. She scolds her. The kids wake up. Chiku argues with Nupur and runs out. Nupur sees the time. She goes home. Milind and everyone wait for her.

Nupur comes and says Milind, I… He asks are you sorry, you didn’t come home all night, I m fed up hearing your sorry. She says I m really feeling sorry, I fell asleep while making the kids sleep. Aai says you slept, Milind couldn’t sleep because of you, what do you want. Kamini taunts Nupur. Nupur argues with her. Subodh asks her to remember her manners.

Nupur says Kamini forgot humanity. Milind says enough, Kamini is right. Aai says Milind cried a lot because of you, you weren’t my choice, but I accepted you, he stayed happy with you, he isn’t happy now, you are hurting him. Milind and Nupur argue. She says you understand me the best, I m really a mother, I m not playing a mother’s game, if I help the kids, then someone will help Payal.

He says you want to prove that just you are hurt, I m her dad, I m also hurt, can’t you see Aai and dad’s pain, can’t you see my pain, I lost my daughter and wife also. Nupur says I can see the pain, why can’t you see that I m not an enemy of this house, I want Payal to come back. He says you want us to feel like parents, fine, we will have another baby and make a new start. Aai says you said it right, your baby can bring happiness in the house.

Milind asks Nupur is she ready to have a child. Nupur says no, until I find Payal, how can you think so. Aai scolds her. Nupur says I can’t cheat Payal. Milind says you are selfish, you just care for yourself, you don’t think of anyone, else you would have not refused to give this happiness to me.

She says Payal isn’t a toy to replace her, I will find her and bring her back. He says you are choosing your stubbornness by keeping our marriage and family aside. She says no, I m choosing Payal, the day I get her back, you will understand, till then you think of anything, I don’t care. She goes.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 24th-Sept-2021 Written Episode Update :-

The kids praise Nupur. Chiku says I will defeat Nupur in the dance competition. Chiku practice dance. Sulab stops the music. He says you can’t practice here. Chiku says I will practice somehow. Tanki says we will play. Sulab says whoever wants Chiku to lose, come and sit. The kids get against Chiku. She falls down. The kids say you won’t win. Nupur and Chiku pray to Bappa. Rangoli also prays to Bappa and cries. She says I will punish you for your mistake, I will leave the worship, I will this battle with Nupur, that too without you, I swear to burn anyone who comes in my way. Chiku gets a chain on the floor. She takes it. She says mum’s locket, it means mummy had come here. She cries.

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