Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th-Sept-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th September 2021 Shubhra tells Madhura that you always told me to look for proof before blaming anyone. How can you allege Kuldeep without any proof? Madhura says wow, you want to silent me using my upbringing? You are blinded by your husband’s love. Open your eyes and see that this man brought Sam in our lives. Our lives got destroyed because of this man.

How did Kuldeep know about your baba’s mother? Is Sam crazy to tell him about murdering him? They are partners in crime. Sam might have killed your baba but Kuldeep is responsible also. Shubhra asks her to stop it. Madhura says stop trusting this man, I don’t want to see his face so ask him to leave otherwise I will go back home.

She angrily leaves from there. Shubhra cries and hugs Kuldeep. Kuldeep says don’t say anything to her, she loved him. I would react the same way, she is angry for losing your baba. She is taking her anger out on me so don’t worry, I am totally fine, just be strong. Shubhra says I am sorry, please take care. Kuldeep nods and leaves the house.

Kuldeep is on the call. Sam comes there and stares at him. Kuldeep is calling people to get a loan but no one accepts his application. He is tensed. Sam comes to him and says what will you do now? You can’t get a loan so how will you fly? You are nothing without me. You thought you are self-made? You are Sam-made, if you think to leave me then you will be a fool. You won’t get a loan without me. Let’s go to Mumbai and you can meet your family 1-2 times a month.

We can move abroad also. Kuldeep says you can go alone and settle there because no one can be with you. Sam says if I leave you then no one will be there to save you. Kuldeep says I have to get saved from you. Sam thinks he is dreaming get out of my clutches. She smirks and leaves. Kuldeep thinks no one is ready to give me a loan. Shubhra got Narayan’s money but I can’t use it. I can help Shubhra in building his business, it was his dream. I should ask for Beeji’s advice.

Shubhra comes to Rishi and Roli. Rishi says we don’t like Aaji bad-mouthing baba. Roli says she is angry at baba. Rishi says why is Aaji angry with us? Shubhra says she is a mom so she has a right to be angry. Roli says she is not nice. Rishi shouts that I won’t forgive her, she thinks Narayan died because of baba or me. I won’t talk to her anymore. Shubhra feels helpless.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Kuldeep tells Chandrani that I feel the pain of losing Narayan too. Aaji is always blaming me, till when I have to keep proving that I am innocent? Chandrani says think about Madhura, she lost her partner and can’t see everything clearly. The truth will prove itself. I can understand Madhura’s pain, I lost my partner too. I was like that too after losing your father. Kuldeep hugs her and says I never asked you about your pain.

Chandrani says I felt after losing him, I used to look around for him everywhere. I used to hate the world and even you-Shubhra. I see Madhura angry at you and relate to her. The time will heal her wounds. Kuldeep says I can now understand her pain. She must be feeling low. Try to talk to her once. Chandrani says she won’t listen to anyone right now, only time can heal her. She is angry with me but I will go and meet her. Kuldeep smiles.

Chandrani and Kuldeep come to Shubhra’s house. Chandrani hugs Shubhra and the kids. Madhura ignores them. Kuldeep hugs Shubhra. Chandrani gives ice cream to the kids. Madhura thinks only some days passed after Narayan died and she is celebrating with kids like it’s a happy occasion. Chandrani goes to Madhura. Kuldeep asks Shubhra to come and talk with him. They leave.

Kuldeep tells Shubhra that you might not like what I am about to say but we need a bigger house. Your baba has given us a chance, he gave his business to you so it’s our chance to start a new life. Shubhra says you are right but I can’t talk to Ayi right now, she won’t trust you with baba’s business, we have to win her trust first. Kuldeep looks on.

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