Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Shubhra scolds Rishi and says how dare you to misbehave with Aaji? I will lock you in the room now. She drags Rishi to his room. Rishi says she was talking ill about you and dad. Shubhra asks him to shut up. She comes to Madhura who is weeping. Shubhra says he is a kid but you know he is close to his dad, don’t badmouth him to Rishi.

Madhura says your father died but you don’t care. Shubhra says I am trying everything to find out the truth. Madhura says the truth is that your husband is responsible for your baba’s death because he brought Sam into our lives, if not Kuldeep then Rishi is responsible for his death. Shubhra says no, I am responsible for all this. I married Kuldeep by going against you both. I gave birth to Rishi so I am responsible for all this. You can taunt and scold me but don’t curse my son.

Madhura says you are taking the blame on yourself but not holding Kuldeep accountable? Shubhra says I am trying everything to find the truth. I leave my kids to you but you can’t curse them. I can’t fight for baba like this. She cries but Madhura leaves from there.

Sam asks Kuldeep to get ready, we have to shift to Mumbai. We shouldn’t have come here. Kuldeep asks if she sent Phirki to Mumbai or somewhere else? Sam says are you looking for proof? Do you think you will get some information from Phirki? Do you think I am stupid enough to kill Shubhra’s father? Kuldeep says you showed me his photo. Sam says someone forwarded it to me. You know Phirki might have sent it but she is in Mumbai. Who must have sent it? I don’t remember.

Kuldeep says you accepted that you killed him. Sam says maybe I was lying to get you back. The important fact is that you are back with me. Let’s go for a long drive. At least you are scared that I can kill anyone, even your Beeji. Kuldeep glares at her. Sam says I want to see this fear till we are alive. You brought Beeji here so she is always in danger. Kuldeep is angry. Sam says let’s not fight anymore. Let’s go back to Mumbai, you can meet your family once or twice a month.

Shubhra meets her lawyer. He says Narayan was my client, I can’t believe he is no more. He tells Madhura that I have a will. Madhura says he told me that there will 3 shares of the will. The lawyer says yes the shares are between Madhura, Shubhra and Rishi-Roli. Shubhra will be responsible for his business. His house is divided between Madhura and Shubhra. Shubhra will own his business. His wealth is around 243 crores. Shubhra messages Kuldeep. Madhura signs on the papers, Shubhra does also. He leaves.

Shubhra meets Narayan’s colleagues. They come home to welcome Shubhra as a new boss. They tell Madhura that Narayan always wanted his daughter to handle his business. Kuldeep arrives there. Shubhra introduces him. Kuldeep says I am very happy for you Shubhra, I am with you.

Shubhra says then I can fulfill baba’s dream. Kuldeep says I am with you. Madhura tells Shubhra that you want to share everything with this man? Your baba trusted you and not him. Shubhra says his colleagues are here. Madhura says I don’t care, I won’t let you share anything with this man, if you do that then I will go to court and prove that he is responsible for his death. Your baba is not with us because of this man and you want to share his business with him?

The colleagues hear all that. Shubhra thanks them and says I will meet you all soon, they leave. Shubhra tells Madhura why are you doing all this? You didn’t have to talk in front of them, you have blamed me also in front of them. We all doubt but it’s not the truth. We doubt Sam and not Kuldeep. Madhura says why not Kuldeep? Shubhra says you always want to know the truth so how can you blame anyone before it’s proven? Kuldeep is tensed hearing them argue.

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