Meet 28th Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:-

Meet 28th September 2021 Anubha says to Raj if you have no problythen you can make you son marry Meet. Raj says to Anubha girls like Meet can only be be found with luck but my son Meet Ahlawat liked Manu and above that Kundali is also important they way like hearts match and our panditji told Manu and Meet Ahlawat have right match, I’m sorry Anubha I cannot says anything until I talk to Guruji and leaves.

Meet says Anubha what tou were saying everyone came for deedee and he come for Manu not me how can you think like this. Anubha says I know that but there can be changes who decide couple might be there he made your too, if you try not see anything you won’t see but uf you try to see then you can find god and just think Manushi’s haldi was applied to you and Meet Ahlawat gave you ring first, his name mehendi was written on your hand, why everything was done yo you first, there must be reason, even destiny wants it.

Meet says you are disturbed after seeing everything, you said many things in front of him. Anubha says I wish he is also thinks same and Guruji agrees on my thought. Meet says there kundali matched, he said yes for Manu you are thinking anything and leaves.
Guruji come to wedding. Meet Ahlawat gets up and greets him. Guruji greets everyone. Raj says to Guruji I need to talk in person its important. Guruji says lets go. Masum says to Meet Ahlawat what dad want to talk to Guruji in person. Meet Ahlawat I don’t know there must be something important.

Guruji asks tell what you need to say. Raj says the girl ran away who was going to get married to Meet Ahlawat. Ragini says to Masum where are you going, Raj want to talk in person there must be something important to talk in alone. Masum says but what it is I need to know. Ragini says if he eant to tell will let us know. Masum goes to Meet Ahlawat and says there is something fishy he look nervous and Guruji also look tensed after hearing him, I think so it is related to Manushi and her family is also not here there is something wrong. Meet Ahlawat says you already created mess last time this time please don’t and I have faith in Manushi.

Guruji asks according to both child Kundali everything was normal there were not any bad omen and nobody can stop this marriage, says to Anubha can you tell me Manushi’s birth time and place. Anubha says yes Date is 27 july 1999 time is morning 7 and place is Shahbadh. Guruji counts on his finger and says according to Kundali which me matched was perfect for marriage but this is not same kundali which was sent to us. Raj gets shocked and says what do you mean you lied to us you gave us wrong kundali. Meet says to Raj no sir she cant be wrong. Guruji says according to Kundali the birth time was Aashar ke Saptami. Anubha gets shocked and says this is Meets birth day.

Guruji says can you show me Kundali. Anubha gives him Kundali. Guruji says this is same Kundali which was given to me and says to Raj can you understand what’s happening this is destiny. Anubha says we also care about this ritual and I asked Manushi about Kundali and she remembers Manu brought Kundali to her and says she cheated us. Guruji calls Raj and says something in his ears.

Meet 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Raj says Guruji is saying that all these hurdles are because destiny wanted Meet to get married to Meet Ahlawat, now confusion is over and she will get married to my son. Meet says to Raj I know we did wrong and I’m sorry but in my eyes if someone it getting attached is because of there hearts not Kundali your son heart beats for my deedee and I cannot do that this is not right how can I take her place and you want to make me your house wife so that everyone dont leave empty handed and this will be compromise. Raj says why it will be compromise and I told you,

you are diamond it will be privileged for us if you come and I promise you we will treat you as our child. Guruji says this is destiny and truth is its all destiny we are not doing anything it will be good if we understand it fast. Meet says to Raj I’m not denying Guruji but I’m not ready nor your child. Raj says I’ll convince my family that’s my problem, says ro Anubha I know your kis is indipendent and clean thought but its your responsibility to agree her and I’ll make ask my child but in the end it will be our kids decision and Guruji and Raj leave.
Meet says to Anubha I know you already hurt but you understand I will not change my decision, Meet Ahlawat loves Manu and he cannot give her place to anyone this marriage cannot be happen.

Raj takes Meet Ahlawat with him. Meet says to Raj what happen you look tensed. Raj hugs Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat why are you not answering I’m getting tensed why aren’t you saying anything. Raj says you are my deserving kid.

Anubha says to Meet its difficult to get son like you, you always saved us and helped us being son or daughter. Meet says that’s what I’m saying its my work to help in grow this house. Anubha says this will be your biggest favour and you did everything for our happiness and says think god is thinking about your please says yes.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat you stood everytime for family and I always try you should be happy. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj I know you wanted me to be happy you’re the best dad. Raj says but son sometimes happiness come where god wants. Meet Ahlawat says what are you trying to say. Raj says you cannot get married to Manushi. Neet Ahlawat says but why. Raj says Manushi ran away. Meet Ahlawat gets emotional and drops glass.

Meet says to Anubha what are you saying how can I take place of Manushi. Anubha why can’t you sit Raj has loved you he will talk to family just say yes. Meet says I cannot say yes for this, I cannot do this, try to understand what im saying how he fell that he is getting married to me I cannot do this I’m sorry and hugs her.

Meet Ahlawat says to Raj so why are you tensed how will tell me you remember destiny so I’ll think Manushi was not for me but dad if she didn’t want to get married and ran away what we can do then, its good she understood early she doesn’t love and if she get to know after we get married it will make more mess and takes off his turben and says I’ll come, and thinks what Raj said to him.

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