Kumkum Bhagya 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2021 Episode starts with Prachi asking Ranbir if he will talk to her, if she comes closer to him and kiss him. He forwards his cheeks for a kiss. Prachi moves back. Ranbir asks her to kiss him and then he will say, if he will talk to her or not. Prachi says you want advance payment and don’t want to do the delivery. Ranbir says I am scared that you will not kiss me, and I will lose.

Prachi says you are already talking to me. She says she fooled baklu. He asks why don’t you understand, stop me. He says how will I stay away from you. Prachi asks him to look at her pic. He says I can’t stay away from you and says you are medicine of my pain. She asks him to imagine that he is in office, and under work pressure.

He asks her to stop her. Prachi says you would have refused when I said. Ranbir says you said that Ranbir will go to Bangalore and asks her to make everything fine, and tell that he has stomach pain and can’t go to Bangalore. Prachi says Rhea will feel bad. He says then you shall come with me, we will go to the wedding, dance and will have so much fun. He says our honeymoon will be spend. Prachi says then who will work at home and office, mom, dad and dida. He says you are not getting effected.

Prachi says you are going with my sister, for a good cause to unite her with her husband. She says why I will be effected. She says if you had gone with other girl, then I would have felt bad. She says if you go away from me, then I will get freedom from you. Ranbir says you want freedom from your lover who loves you madly and says the kite thread shall be held, if you lose it, then someone else will fly that kite. Prachi says drama queen and asks if he will give his heart to someone else so easily.

He says you know that I am an one woman man and will not look at anyone, until I am with you. He says if I become of someone, then I will become of that person. Prachi hugs him. phir kabhi song plays….Rhea hears them and says you are going to be mine, that person is me. She says when you fall in love with me, you will be mine. Prachi says you will become of someone else easily and says my name is written in your destiny.

He asks why did you hit me? Prachi says with love. He asks if your love is less, then hit me with force. Prachi says if I tell you, how much I love you, then you will feel pain. He says I don’t know fully, just wants to know from your mouth and I will feel so nice. He asks her to express her love by beating him. She says she can’t beat him. He says he wants to know the depth of her love and says the love doesn’t seem to be love and you are bearing me and liking me just. She says if I had just liked you, then wouldn’t have married you.

He says in arrange marriage, love develops slowly and says may be in love marriage, the love changed into liking. He asks her to express her love to him and tell him that she wants to live her life in his embrace. Prachi says your expectations are much. Ranbir says if you don’t express it now, then you have less time. He asks her to confess her love infront of everyone and then only he will believe her. Prachi says how to express infront of everyone and says what is this childishness? Ranbir says love.

Abhi knocks on the door. Pragya says you don’t need to knock on the door and says we are husband and wife? He says there are many people who married their boss. He says he came to remind her that today is his salary date. Pragya recalls Tanu asking him to earn money to get wine and fight for his rights. She says I have money, but it is for me, she says she do care for him but can’t give him money for wine.

He says he just needs money today, once I get salary today, I will return your money and will hide the wine from Pragya. Fb ends. He asks for his salary. Pragya says she doesn’t have money to give him. She says I can just give you credit card, you can buy anything, not wine. He says what about garage owner, due to whom I did this job. Pragya says you shall not worry, it is cleared. She says you can buy anything with credit card, except wine. He says if you have so much money, then I have much self respect, I will find ways to earn money and will earn money where nobody binds my hands, then I will see, how you will stop me from drinking.

Rhea thinks what to wear and what to pack. She doesn’t like the dress and thinks she shall wear something which doesn’t make her look married, and make her look like before. She reminisces the college days and says everyone was jealous of us. She says it was my mistake, that I asked him to trap Prachi in his love. She says I hate her, and my life’s biggest mistake. She keeps back her clothes and thinks she don’t like anything. She thinks to go and shop for clothes. She goes out for shopping.

Dida asks Pallavi if she will blame Prachi for this. Pallavi says when I asked Ranbir to go, then why did he refuse? Dida says even Rhea refused? Pallavi says Rhea refused, but agreed on our insistence. She says she is not our daughter, but gives us more respect than Ranbir. She says Vikram said that he will handle office and asked Ranbir to go, but he didn’t agree. Dida says but he agreed. Pallavi says on Prachi’s sayings.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Dida asks her to think that Prachi agreed with you and asked him to go. She says everyone has their own reasons, but Prachi has no reason and then also asked Ranbir to go, as you want him to go. She says nobody respects you more than Prachi. Pallavi says only Rhea respects me. She says I like her a lot and I feel that she should have become my bahu. Dida says she is your bahu. Pallavi says you know, how to make you understand.

Rhea sees Abhi standing on the road and reminisces her moments with him. Mera aasman hai papa plays….She says my dad. Abhi sees Pragya coming out and takes her to car. He then closes the door and sits in the car. He leaves. Rhea says you are with mom, it means you missed mom and not me. You are with her and not with me. Taxi driver calls her. Rhea doesn’t hear her. She thinks Prachi said that she met mom and asks why mom didn’t call me, she thinks she doesn’t love me,

her daughter is just Prachi and not me. She says Prachi snatches my Ranbir and my dad from me, and thinks to take them back from her and Pragya. She calls Aaliya? Aaliya asks how is she? Rhea says she is very angry, as she saw dad with mom. She says they went in car, dad sat on driver seat. Aaliya says your dad is your mom’s driver. She says we are not understanding, why Pragya is behaving this way with Bhai, and asked us to make food for ourselves. Rhea asks if you are with Dad. Aaliya says yes.

She says Bhai said that he fell down the stairs by mistake, but Tanu has the doubt that Pragya wants to kill him. She says we came here as we are scared of Bhai and for his safety, we came here. Rhea gets angry and says you shall handle mom there, and I will handle her dear daughter here. Aaliya says ok and asks her to take care of herself.

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