Rishton Ka Manjha 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Rishton Ka Manjha 28th September 2021 Arjun is trying clothes for the wedding but doesn’t like anything. Tina says you are so dashing and I don’t want anyone eyeing you. Arjun says don’t worry, nobody can cast an evil eye on me. Tina says you seem happy today. How was your interview? Arjun says it was nice. Tina says I hope she didn’t ask aggressive questions, I thought she wasn’t a journalist for a moment.

Arjun looks away. Tina says I felt she was some fraud. Arjun says let it be, you can go now. Tina says we have to prepare for our dance. He says no way. Niharika comes there and says a choreographer Andy is here. Tina asks Arjun to come. Arjun says my phone.. Tina gifts him a phone and says I saw you didn’t have your phone so you might have lost it, this is for you. Arjun says you observe me so much, let’s go now. He leaves. Tina thinks I know Arjun well, who was that girl?

Shobha and Diya come home. Meera asks Shobha to call her friends to the wedding. Shobha’s mother says your husband doesn’t even earn and you want to invite more people? Stop it. She goes to get freshen up. Diya asks where is baba? Meera says Mohan heard from someone that he saw Ajit fighting with someone. You know he wants the best guy for you. Diya looks on.

All family members are practicing a dance with Andy. Arjun stands away. Niharika pushes Khush to dance. He says I can’t do it. Arjun tries to leave but tina stops him. Arjun says I can’t do all this. Tina says we will look amazing together, let’s do it. Arjun says Dadi looks nice dancing. Dadi says you have to dance also. Arjun smiles. He goes to Khush and asks what happened? Do you look sad? All are dancing and you are standing here alone? Khush says I can’t ever dance with Niharika.

Diya recalls Meera’s words about Ajit fighting. Diya recalls how Arjun was beaten on the same day. She says this is all weird.

Andy is making all family members dance. He says Madhuri and her husband will have a special couple dance. Madhuri says he was a romantic dancer before. Amitabh says I will dance with you always. All clap for them as they dance together. Arjun looks on. All clap for them. Karan Mathur arrives there and claps for them. Arjun glares at him. Karan says wow, you people are a good family.

Rishton Ka Manjha 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Diya is practicing badminton in her room. Meera comes there so she hides it. Meera comes inside and says I heard some noises coming from your room. Diya says it’s nothing. Meera asks what are you doing alone in the room? Diya says I am coming in a bit. Meera leaves.

Amitabh greets Karan and says you here? Karan says I don’t need an invitation to meet a friend, right Arjun? We had a memorable past. Arjun glares at him. Karan says I can understand your silence, I am here to congratulate you. Karan says I won’t be able to come to Arjun’s wedding as we have an eligibility match on the same day so I am here with their gifts. He gives gifts to Tina and offers a gift to Arjun.

Amitabh asks Arjun to accept it. Arjun the box from him. Karan asks him to open it. Arjun opens it to find a small badminton racket inside. Karan says I know you loved badminton but you are moving on in life so I thought to gift you this, you won’t get to hold the racket again so this will be memorable. He starts leaving but Arjun stops him and says we will meet again on 4th October. Karan says you should focus on your marriage now. Arjun says don’t worry about me, I will give you a return gift soon. Karan glares at him.

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