Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

The episode starts with Gopika climbs on the ladder to take the ring from tree and gets scared seeing the height so she tells Ramila that she can’t but Ramila threatens her so Gopika climbs on the ladder one by one. She then about to fall which makes Ashi irritates so she asks her to climb properly. She then tells Ramila that she dont think Gopika will do this.

Ramila asks Gopika to pray to god who will help her. Gopika thinks about Mithila’s words closing her eyes and climbs step by step on the ladder all the while chanting Jai Shree Krishna. She reaches up and tells Ramila that she can able to see the ring. Ramila asks Gopika to take the ring from the tree. Ramila says okay and closes her eyes she then takes the ring from the tree and tells that she took it.

Ramila and Ashi asks Gopika to give it to them. Gopika agrees and decides to throw then she changes her decision. Uma says to everyone may be Gopika is from a poor family so she may took it because she becomes greedy and left the house. She then tells Mithila that they may need to file a case and compares her daughter in law with Gopika and says that class and values will have only people who comes from the rich background. Mithila worriedly looks at Saksham.

Ramila asks Gopika why she is not giving the ring to them and asks her to throw to which Gopika tells Ramila that she lost the ring once and she can’t take a risk like this so she will hold tightly to herself and comes down then give it to Mithila. Ashi gets angry and tells Ramila that Gopika is becoming more smart now. Ramila calms her down and asks Gopika to get down. Ashi asks Ramila what’s her plan to which Ramila signs at her.

Gopika asks Ramila to hold the ladder tightly and when she about to get down from the ladder Ramila kicks it and Gopika falls to the ground and the ring in her hand falls on Ashi’s hand. They both goes inside the house. Gopika asks them to wait for her but Ramila tells that she is too slow and asks her to come fast. Gopika stands up and goes behind Ramila and Ashi.

Modi’s gets shocked seeing the condition of Both Ashi and Gopika. Mithila asks Gopika and Ashi why they are looking like this and what happened. Both Gopika and Ashi talks at the same time no one understands what they are saying so Mithila asks them to stop and tells if they talk like this then how will they understand and tells that she will ask after that only they have to reply. Both Gopika and Ashi nods their head. Mithila asks Gopika that she gave her the responsibility to protect the ring and in the evening she has to give it to Minal then how come it’s in Ashi’s hand. Ashi and Ramila worrieldy looks at Gopika.

Gopika tells everyone that she fall unconscious while doing the work in her room keeping an eye on the ring that time a thief came and took that ring but Ashi saw that and fought with the thief then the ring fall on the tree so she climbed to take that ring from there. Everyone gets shocked and happy. Baa tells that her daughter in law’s both Mithila and Minal’s decision to choose both Gopika and Ashi as their daughter in law is proved right and she is happy for that and blesses Gopika and Ashi. Mithila grows suspicious and asks Gopika to swear on god and tell whatever she told now is the truth or else there is something more to the story and looks at Ramila and Ashi.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Gopika tells Mithila that whatever she told is true. Mithila tells then she is proud of both Gopika and Ashi and then tells that they both will give the ring to Minal. Ashi gets happy and goes towards Minal but Mithila stops her and tells that both her and Gopika has to give it to Minal. Ashi forces a smile and then both Gopika and herself gives the ring to Keshav who makes Minal wear the ring. Minal blesses both Ashi and Gopika. Uma tries to leave the place with her daughter in law but Mithila stops her and calls Gopika who comes there and greets them.

Uma smiles and tells that she is getting late so they have to leave but Mithila stops and tells that her daughter in law’s are her pride and the values has nothing to do with where from they come. Uma leaves the place. Gopika gets confused and asks Mithila did she said something wrong to which Mithila says nothing and tells her that some people never wants to see others happy. She then praises Gopika ans blesses her and asks her to smile always. Gopika gets emotional and smiles at Mithila.

Ashi happily tells Ramila that she get acknowledged by the Modi’s but still questions it will lost long or not so prove that Ramila put water on Ashi’s cheek when she sees Minal and Chirag. Minal asks Ashi why she is crying. Ramila tells Minal that she may accepted them as her family because of the marriage that happened but she is worried whether she is a burden to everyone or not because the way the marriage happened all of sudden everyone knows it. Minal tells Ashi to not to worry saying that she is also a family and tells Chirag that she is lucky to have someone like Ashi in his life. Then she invites Ramila to Navratri puja and leaves.

Both Ramila and Ashi dances and then Ramila tells Ashi to follow her ideas and before the Navratri ends Gopika will be thrown out of the Modi house and she will her servant back. Ashi agrees. Gopika sees Mithila and Saksham’s interaction and gets emotional. Baa asks Gopika why she is crying to which Gopika tells that she gets praises from Mithila also the way she loves her and the faith she has for her makes her so happy at the same time she is worried that she may disappoint Mithila again. Later Saksham brings food to the room and recalls Gopika’s words. Then he starts cleaning the room.

Gopika comes there and asks Saksham to leave it saying she will take care of it. Saksham asks Gopika that she will keep fasting for him right. Gopika gets surprised and tells him she will. Saksham then tells that Baa told him that she didn’t had any food so he bought this for her and asks her to have it because the next day itself they have to do the Navratri puja also the fasting and tells that he will meet her tomorrow during puja and leaves the place. Gopika gets happy and smiles at Saksham’s sweet gesture. The next day everyone stands nearby the temple and Mithila tells that Gopika will do the honor to god. Ashi gets angry but Ramila asks her to calm down. Uma comes there with her daughter in law and asks to stop. Gopika gets confused.

Precap: Mithila tells the ladies the one who bravely takes their things and keeps the safe will get a chance to do the puja. Gopika tries to get the things for the puja. She then sees the dirt in the shawl so she decides to wash it. Ashi comes there and asks Gopika to out the clothes inside the microwave to get them dry but Gopika questions its made to heat food but Ashi manipulates her which confuses Gopika.

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