Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 29th September 2021  episode starts with Kurri anna/Bittu seeing Brij and his siter’s photo and asking Mishra who is with Bapuji. Mishra says his bua/aunt. Shanti asks how does he knows its Babuji when he never saw him. Kurri says Mishra’s face resembles babuji.

Mishra says babuji loves bua after his amma. Kurri asks him to send babuji to bua’s house for 2 days and surprise him with whole haveli when he returns. Mishra says Babuji will not agree. Kurri asks him to calls bua and ask her to call back babuji. Bua agrees. Mishra gets happy and praises Kurri. Kurri asks to explain Babuji and send him to bua’s house. D’costa/gambler also plays same trick with Mirza and asks him to send ammi/Noor back to mamujaan/uncle’s house.

Mirza calls mamujaan and convinces him to call back ammi to him for 2 days. Mishra and Mirza then inform babuji and ammi that bua and mamujaan wanted them to stay with them for 2 more days and want to see them before they die as they are very old. Babuji and ammi get emotional and rush to their siblings’ house. Children ask Mishra and Mirza to stop their overacting as daadi and dadaji have gone.

Mirza and Mishra meet on terrace and challenging each other for a chausar/dice game say D’costa and Kurri anna will play from their side. They check each other’s notary paper to handover haveli whoever loses and says let us start game. Shanti says let us toss. Mirza and Sakeen agree. Shanti says if head comes, it won’t be their chance and if tail comes, it won’t be Mirza and Sakina’s chance.

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They agree. Shanti wins toss. Kurri says he is Sachin Tendulkar of chausar game and asks Mishra which number to throw. He says 4. Kurri throws 4 and asks Shanti to bring some snacks for celebration. She brings snacks and juice. Kurri asks which number to throw. She says 4.5. He says she should tell full number. She says 6. He throws 6 and enjoys juice and snacks. Frustrated Mirza says let us play next move. Kurri asks which number to throw. Kid says 5. He throws 5 and continues winning. He then asks next number. Mishra says Babuji’s favorite number 7. D’costa signals him to lose. Kurri tricks and loses. Mirza gets happy.

Kurri plays dice and starts winning. Sakeena brings snacks and juice next. Mishra gets jealous and asks to restart game now. D’Costa asks Shanti to tell a number. She says 5. He throws 5. Kid says 5. He throws 1. Mirza says 5 from ammijaan’s side. He throws 5. Mirza gets more happy, leaving Mishra more frustrated. D’costa says this last chance will reveal who will win and who will lose. He himself bets on 5 number and throws dice. Mirzas jump him happiness seeing 5 number. Mishra’s stand shocked.

Mirza asks Mishra to sign on document and give it to him. Mishra with trembling hands signs on document and gives it to Mirza. Mirza asks Mishra to vacate haveli in 3 days and takes D’costa along to celebrate. Mishra sit sadly. Shanti asks where will we go now, Kurri boasted about himself but lost. Mishra asks Shanti to pack their bags as they need to leave haveli in 2 days.

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