Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th September 2021 episode starts with Mirza and Mishra taking Bittu/Kurri anna and gambler/D’Costa to haveli. Kurri gives gifts to Mishra and his family while D’Costa gives gifts to Mirza’s family. Shanti says babuji/Brij has gone to his sister’s house as he was missing her. Kurri says good old man is not at home, then says he is learning North language. Sakeena informs that Noor went to her brother’s house.

Kurri asks Mishra why there is a line between haveli. Mishra reveals that half haveli belongs to Mirza. Kurri says he can get him full haveli if he convinces Mirza to dice gamble with him and wins the game. Mishra asks what if Mirza wins. Kurri says he is expert in dice game. Mishra agrees. D’Costa convinces Mirza on the other side.

Mirza and Mishra meet on terrace and challenge each other for a dice game. Kurri in his room boasts over phone with D’Costa how he fooled Mishra and his family. Mishra enters. Kurri changes topic and acts as speaking to his father and praising Mishra’s family. Mishra easily gets convinced with his lies and asks if he is sure he can defeat Mirza in dice game.

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Kurri says nobody can defeat Bittu. Mishra asks what? Kurri says he means Bantu, his nick is Bantu/short. Mishra informs Shanti what Kurri told and requests her to let him play dice and win whole haveli. Shanti denies saying he himself told Pandavs lost their wife Draupadi in dice game, will he bet her. Mishra says no, he will bet haveli. She denies. Sakeena also denies to permit Mishra to play dice game. Bittu and D’Costa insist Mishra and Mirza to convince Shanti and Sakeena somehow at any cost.

Mishra and Mishra sing song and try to convince their families luring them with choc factory, makeup factory, lavish life, etc. They get convinced and permit them only if Kurri and D’Costa show their dice skills. Kurri and D’Costa throw dice numbers they say and convince Sakeena and Shanti who dream of winning whole haveli. Brij and Noor return home.

Mishra and Mirza get tensed that Brij and Noor will not permit them to gambling and request Shanti and Sakeena to convince somehow or else they will not get full haveli and will have to bear each other. Kurri and D’Costa think their plan will fail and they will lose both haveli and dignity. D’Costa says he got an idea with which they can easily convince Mishra and Noor.

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