Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Episode starts with a gambler tempting mob to gamble and earn 100 rs on 25 rs and 500 rs on 100 rs. Mishra and Mirza pass by and notice him.

Mirza tells Mishra its time to earn some money and in greed bets 200 rs first and lose. Gambler tempts them and wins all their money. Mishra tells Mirza that gambler is a fraud who fooled him, they should ask him who permitted him to open a shop here. They question gambler who says he opened shop on his guru’s order. They ask who is his boss. Gambler praises his boss is a big politician, big goon, ferocious, etc., and says his name is Bittu Kapoor. They brutally insult Bitty. Gambler calls Bittu who boasts about himself.

They insult Bittu again. Bittu gets angry. At home, gambler provokes Bittu and asks why didn’t he teach Mishra and Mirza a lesson when they repeatedly humiliate him. Bittu says he will if he helps him with his gambling knowledge. Gambler promises to give his life for him.

Next day, gambler disguised as Goan D’costa and Bittu as Kurri anna enter market with a plan to create rift between Mirza and Mishra. Gambler gives him voice sensor fixed dices and sends him to start his drama.

Bittu as south Indian Kurian walks to Mishra and asks if he is famous Mishra pan wala who is famous even in South. Mishra gets happy hearing his praises. Bittu says he came here to have his tea and speaks in his usual style. Mirza gets confused. Bittu says he is learning north language. Mishra offers him pan, and he acts that its very tasty.

Gambler as D’costa walks to him and asks if he is famous Mishra pan wala. Mishra gets more happy and offers him pan. D’costa spits pan and says it tastes poison. Kurri acts a fighting with him and shoos him away.

D’costa walks to Mirza and says Mishra fed him poison like pan and asks him to serve him good tea. Mirza badmouths about Mishra and serves him tea. D’costa says its tasty like elixir and praises him. Kurri walks to him and their fight starts. Mishra joins them and fights with Mirza. Servants join them and takes Mishra and Mirza away.

Mishra says Kurri is his best friend from hereon and Mirza says D’costa is his best friend. D’costa says he needs a room in a haveli and can pay 30000 rs for 3 days. Kurri says same to Mishra. They agree to rent their haveli rooms. Kurri thinks he will grab their haveli.

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