Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th September 2021 episode starts with Bhim Rao was grateful to Daliya amma, her kindness allowed him to be near to his father. He wanted to work, get Manjula’s chain back, then continue his studies. He will return home. Daliya amma asked him not to worry, took them to have rest.

Joshi being informed about the situation went out of joy, he declared it to be the happiest day in his life. He was most satisfied with Bhim Rao leaving his studies. Joshi would not let him study, he wanted to make his work life hell. Hitesh wanted Joshi take revenge. Joshi asked him to wait and watch.

Jijabai said that it was most peaceful drinking tea with without Bhim Rao. Manjula was leaving to give Bhim Rao milk and tea. Lakshmi stopped her, asked that let him care for them once. Annand agreed with Lakshmi, said that Bhim Rao must value them as well. Manjula refused, she left. Ramji and Puranjan were leaving for work. Jijabai asked him to drink his tea. Ramji said that they will drink to from somewhere outside.

Manjula was asking Rama where Bhim Rao went. Rama replied that he left in the morning, searching for work. Ramji decided to find Bhim Rao, wanted him to choose between work and his family. Meera and Anand asked Ramji to let go. Manjula said that she would talk to Bhim Rao. Hitesh interfered; he was supporting Bhim Rao’s stance. Dailya amma asked him not to put fuel in fire. Ramji was tired of teaching Bhim Rao, he wanted to have a final discussion with him. Anand tried to stop him, said that Ramji had severe fever. Ramji replied that Bhim Rao took the fever, he took Puranjan and left.

Meera asked Rama to come home, Rama refused. Meera questioned. Rama replied that Meera was the one who asked her to never leave Bhim Rao’s side. Be his strength after Bhima bai, she was doing up to what was being taught. Jijabai asked Meera not to worry. Rama was told many times to convince Bhim Rao for a job. The sufferings were brewed by herself. Manjula considered herself the culprit, decided to leave. Anand stopped her, said that her leaving won’t undo the past. Tension was that for the first time Ramji was standing in front of Bhim Rao’s stubbornness.

Bhim Rao was recalling Ramji’s stance of not letting Bhim Rao work.
Meera was consoling Manjula. Manjula said that Bhima Bai asked her to take care of Bhim Rao. Meera said that it wasn’t Manjula’s fault. Lakshmi asked why Bhim Rao, and Rama were dearest to everyone in the family. Jijabai replied that they consider Bhim Rao a God, while their husbands were servants.

Meera said that they are relationships which Jijabai would never understand. Jijabai refuted, asked Lakshmi to learn the art of silence. Lakshmi refused, she has worked and served everyone in this family. Manjula said that Manjula was misunderstanding. Anand said that Lakshmi didn’t value relations. she might be good daughter in – law and wife but not a good human. He asked him to see Bhim Rao’s vision, his effort to change the society. Anand was only playing a small part in it which Rama understood but Lakshmi couldn’t. Lakshmi said that she and her child were being oppressed because of Bhim Rao.

Anand asked her to remain silent. Lakshmi didn’t, she though that her child would suffer because of Bhim Rao. And almost raised his hand. Meera questioned Anand in shock. Jijabai sad that Lakshmi was his husband. Anand silenced her, said that Jijabai made her wife like this. Lakshmi didn’t want to live like this, she feared that Anand would beat her on day. She went to the kitchen, wanted to kill herself. Anand stopped her, said that suicide won’t solve anything. He asked her to believe that Bhim Rao was their leader, and for that she needed to live. He warned everyone from letting Ramji know about anything, doctor has advised him to stay away from stress. Anand left.

Puranjan came to Bhim Rao, said that Ramji went missing. He went to find Bhim Rao but now was missing himself. Puranjan and Bhim Rao went to search Ramji.

Anand came and apologized to Lakshmi; he was ashamed. He cared for Lakshmi and Bhim Rao equally. Lakshmi questioned if she could ask for the same rights from him as he asked as husband. He even raised his hand on her. Anand apologized. Lakshmi forgave him, asked him to listen to her next time as well. Jijabai said that Lakshmi played well.

Puranjan and Bhim Rao were looking for Ramji. Joshi came, asked Puranjan to find Ramji. He needed men to work in his fishpond. Joshi asked Bhim Rao to look over the hill.

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