Ghar Ek Mandir 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Agarwal’s worried for Varun, Maharaji walks in disguised, Kundan asks who are you, few people walk in carrying Varun, Kundan and others rush to him, and try to wake him up, Kundan asks them to take him to his room. Maharaji looks around the house and remember how Genda was ill treated and looks at Pooja room.

Kundan tries to wake Varun, Kundan thanks people eho got Varun, they says thank him, he saved your son, Kundan thanks Maharaji, Anuradha says let me call Manish ask him to get doctor, Kundan says not required, let him do his job and leaves. Maharaji asks Shivam to het 5 leaves of tulsi, and asks Nisha to get a flower and glass of water.

Kundan walks in and says doctor will be here soon. Maharaji takes tulsi leaves, flower and some water and makes Varun eat it and says I lived with a Ayurvedic Vaidya so trying something, Anuradha says just cure my son, Genda rushes in and asks what happened and tries to wake Varun. Maharaji looks at Genda and smiles, Genda asks who are you, Maharaji says that is not important, important is his health.

Dr. Sharma walks in and says you guys I never understand he met with an accident and you didn’t take him to hospital and who is this man, Kundan says he saved Varun, Dr. Sharma says good work but why didn’t you take him to hospital, Maharaji says he is fine, Sharma says I am doctor let me check that, he examines Varun and Varun gains consious, all smile. Varun thanks Maharaji, Kundan and Anuradha thank him and asks how can I repay it, Maharaji says one cup of tea.

Genda gets tea for Maharaji, Maharaji asks Nisha to add lot of sugar in his tea, Anuradha and others confused, Nisha says you drink so sweet tea, Maharaji says people talk so evil, sweet tea helps. Varun thanks for saving his life. Kundan says you are God to us, you saved him.

Maharaji says I should leave now, Kundan says I never saw you before, Maharaji says I am new here, looking for house, I should leave or else I would never get place to sleep, Genda says you can stay here, Kundan looks at Genda in anger, Genda says if Papaji wants he takes all decisions here. Kundan says you saved my son allow us serve you, Genda says you saved Varun and so allow us too.Kundan says she is right, Anuradha and Varun insists too. Maharaji says okay. Kundan says I will make arrangements, Nisha thinks nonsense letting stranger’s stay. All leave except Shivam and Genda.

Shivam asks what is your name, Maharaji says Maharaj, Genda stops listening that, Maharaji asks Shivam his name, He says Shivam and asks do you know Chachi’s name, Maharaji says Laxmi, Shivam says no her name is Genda, Maharaji says Laxmi name suits you, if you don’t feel bad I would like to call you Laxmi, Genda says sure and leaves. Maharaji thinks you are my Laxmi, and will bring good in society and also fix your devotion and faith in me.

Kundan walks to guest room and its all dusty, Kundan asks Nisha why hasn’t she cleaned it, Nisha says no one came to stay so, Kundan says it’s uour responsibility to clean it, Genda says I will clean it, Kundan says it needs cleanliness. Maharaji walks to them, Kundan says this room is dusty and will take time, till then you stay in my room, Anuradha will shift with Shivam and Nisha will clean it by tomorrow, Genda says no worries I will clean it, Kundan says Nisha will ots her responsibility. Nisha thinks its so dirty won’t be cleaned till tomorrow, Maharaji says room is very dirty it won’t get cleaned till tomorrow,

I will clean it myself, Kundan says you are guest, Maharaji says you allowed me stay here, so let me and if I clean I will get little tired and sleep well, Kundan says you will take two days and this is not a man’s job,let ladies do it its there job, Maharaji says who said we man cant do work that women do, let me and if I can’t you can do as you want, Kundan says as you wish anything else. Maharaji says arrange food for me and I eat a lot and hungry too, Genda says I will cook right away what will you have, Maharaji says something you cook very well and everyone loves it and you cook by heart, Genda thinks what will I cook that he will like, Maharaji thinks cook things that you get me daily.

Maharaji locks door and about to snap and clean sees Shivam in his room, Shivam says uncle you were going to snap right can you teach me too, Maharaji says sure but let me clean first then we can learn, Shivam says okay and leaves. Maharaji snaps his finger and room gets cleaned. Shivam walks in to get his teddy, and surprised to see the room clean, and says wow so quick, so you know magic, Maharaji says yes, Shivam says will you teach me, Maharaji says if you keep this secret, Shivam says okay and leaves.

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