Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Angoori on phone talking to Ammaji says what are you saying after doing this ritual Tiwari will be very beneficial for him on then ill him to do this ritual and will tell and and hungs up phone. Angoori calls Tiwari and says Ammaji called says you have to do ritual which help you become successful and wealthy. Tiwari asks what is ritual. Angoori says you have to apply buffaloes dung oner your body for ine week. Tiwari says you and Ammaji keep your ritual with you,

you know how much respect I have in mordern colony people bow in front of me in respect and you wany to apply buffaloes dung on my body, you should be ashamed. Angoori says but think you will be having money all around you. Tiwari says housefly will be around me and to get relief from bad smell I have to apply whole perfume. Angoori says sarcastically you don’t smell good after perfume and run away. Tiwari says to himself Amma and Angoori both are fool.

A man in market shouting buy lottery and open happiness. TMT come, Teeka says to Babulal what a nice Shop you have opened, it must be fun, can you help us too. Babulal says I already know you, you are very hopeful people but will tell you something dont feel bad, some people’s luck are always sleeping. Teeka says what are you saying. Babulal says look at that old guy he use to buy tickets from my father now he buys from me,

if he will be alive will buy from my son. Teeka says why are you comparing us with him. Babulal says I’m just telling you uf you have money eat something dont waste it in lottery. Malkhan says he is challenging our luck now we have to buy ut. Tillu says give us your most expensive Lottery. Babulal gives them 30 crore lottery and says I can says with guarantee you will not win 3rs. Malkhan says I don’t know if his tongue is bad luck or we. Babulal says you are bad luck. Teeka says see you soon and TMT leave.

Vibhu in kitchen chopping vegetable. Anu calls him. Vibhu says right now im chopping vegetable then cook it after that I’ll was your clothes. Anu says that you’ll do it but now thing is different, I checked in my locker my necklace is missing. Vibhu ssys then go to police station and file a report. Anu says I’ll do that but you may come in problem. Vibhu says how it will be my problem. Anu says I checked banks registry and it was having your last entry so what is the new excuse.

Vibhu says yes I got it, I remember and this is reality not an excuse, you remember I gave you money 6 months back for the rent of your grooming classes. Anu says yes you brought that money. Vibhu says did you ask from where did I get, I kept that necklace as mortgage and bring money. Anu shouts at him says you kept my necklace as mortgage to save yourself, I don’t believe this that is so expensive if you work for 10 years continuously you wont be able to earn it, it was if 10 lakh rupees.

Vibhu says why you always talk about money I can loose a kingdom for you. Anu says this is the difference between you and me, I will take that princely state. Vibhu says I knew it that is difference between you and me, you always run after money, I think so we are mismatched, is she that Anu who use to love me a lot. Anu says yes she is that Anu who is now broke after loving you a lot because situation had made me money minded.Saxena outside kitchen window dancing and leaves.

Vibhu, Prem, Masterji and Gupta sitting together in market. Tiwari come with sweets and says have it everyone my younger brother laddu passed in his exam. Gupta asks how much he scored. Tiwari says I don’t worry about scores I don’t want him to become an officer. Tiwari says he will sit on shop. Tiwari says don’t make fun of my business and it helps to run my house and this is nice job which you unemployed people don’t have. TMT come singing. Tiwari mocks TMT and Vibhuti.

Prem says because of Anu Vibhuti doesn’t come in there category others wish these boys are disgusting for mordern colony. Malkhan says wait a minute you are mocking us too much. Tiwari says why god make these kind of boys. Masterji says yes you are right they are bad luck. Vibhu says excuse me I don’t come in there category I have high standard then them, they are frog. Prem mocks them more. Tillu says make fun how much you want to our time will also change. Teeka says we will also have money. Malkhan says there will be day when people will ask for money from us. Saxena come and start dancing and singing and leaves. TMT gives everyone look and leaves.

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Angoori outside her house bargaining for vegetable. Anu come and says its called as consumer court and you are right looting is happening that too in house and people don’t know. Angoori says it means something us missing from your safe. Anu says yes something like that. Angoori says why don’t you take him to police station, beat him. Anu says I would do exactly what you are saying if Vibhu was not involved, ge mortgage my necklace to help me only but without telling me he kept my experience necklace as mortgage,

he always do this to me spoil my things and make money. Angoori says this is wrong I think he should start working. Anu says exactly I say to him but he says money is dust. Angoori says I’m seeing Tiwari is getting too arrogant these days. Anu says whenever he meet me he shows respect and talks politely to me. Angoori says watch carefully he has become too proudy.

Tiwari on phone talking to Gulzari about land says my land come under highway then I must get lots if money atleast 10 crore, call me when they take measurements I’ll be there and hungs up. Vibhu come and says something. Tiwari asks when did you come. Vibhu says when you were discussing about land. Tiwari says yes there is a piece of land coming under highway so I was talking to my bookkeeper. Vibhu says how much land you have. Tiwari says that all information my bookkeeper have but I have around of 100 acres. Vibhu says only 100 acres that we give to our cattles.

Tiwari says you never told me you are from diary family. Vibhu says I don’t know about that our whole family drank that milk. Tiwari says thats why you are unemployed your family must have done business for that. Vibhu says I’m from royal family, I’m born rich. Tiwari says how much money you have 1-2 crore. Vibhu says that we spend on our workers kid marriage. Tiwari and Vibhu knocks eachother and start arguing. Vibhu says once I ignored check of 10 crore which her father offered me to leave Anita but I torned it. Tiwari says I need to ask about this to Anita. Vibhu says she don’t have any clue. Tiwari says once Angooris father offer me 100 acres land but I didn’t took any if it. Vibhu mocks him and leave.

Babulal shouting and selling his lottery ticket. TMT come and Babulal says you are back here again and mocks them. Teeka says we are here to check if we won lottery or not. Malkhan give him ticket and says check it and tell if we won or not. Tillu says to Teeka and Malkhan I think so we will win this time.

Chacha cough. Babulal says that chacha is trying to says you will not win. Tillu says stop being chachas translator. Teeka says just check and tell us. Babulal says ok he checks and says you won lottery of 30 crore. TMT get shocked and start shouting. Saxena come and they all start dancing and TMT leave. Babulal says every dog has its day.

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