Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

 Sanjana sitting down infront of Dev exclaims how can anyone live without exclaiming their love for so long so after some time the heart had to exclaim I LOVE YOU, Sonakshi is shocked to hear this from the corner.

Some time earlier, Soankshi sitting with Zaydein, mentions she knows what happened with him in stuck in his mind but now he must be strong even when he has this much support as now he needs to fight, she is shocked to know that people are not able to accept the most beautiful thing about their country which is diversity as how can Bijoy get a better PG then him,

Zayden mentions that he will now go to the police station as no person should have to face such actions because of diversity, Bijoy coming with the tea explains that even he would go to the police station since he never went to there but would now go there because of him, he explains to Soankshi how he never thought it would be so hard to have a paying guest, Soankshi gets a text so exclaims she needs to leave, Alena also decides to go with her when Bijoy questions who drink the tea, they both leave saying he should have it.

Sanjana standing in front of the mirror exclaims it is not that Soanskhi is any better than her but that Dev sir would like how she dresses, Rena exclaims she has told this to Sanjana a lot time that she must not be so desperate for the love of Dev, Sanjana replies that it will eventually lead to love, she lost her love and family and the few breathes which she takes is because of Dev sir and now each time she wakes up it is because of him but now she is feeling that those few breaths which she has would be taken from her, this has caused a lot of tension, she does not want to regret that she did not reveal what was in her heart she would now go to say it, Rena says she cannot be serious of doing to his room and reveal her feeling, does she not know what it would do, Sanjana assures her nothing wrong would happen.

Soha and Aayush are in the room when she exclaims she is not able to do it, Aayush also shows her how to make it, Neha enters the room, Shuv from behind asks Aayush to also teach him and then when Shuv exclaims he is hungry, Aayush offers to make something for him, then leaves, Neha coming to sit beside Soha exclaims that Aayush is really good and cares for everyone just like Dev bhai who always was the favorite of everyone and then nothing changed even they got older just like her who was forgotten and Dev bhai is the favorite, she leaves warning Soha to be careful of what happens.

Soha and Aayush are with both Sonakshi and Dev, Sonakshi explains that they have to eat healthy by using vegetables so they are going to plant them, Sonakshi asks Soha to select when Aayush insists on being first but sotps when Soankshi says it is the chance of Soha, she however gives it to Aaayush, both Dev and Soankshi plant the tree with him, Dev explains it is now the turn of Soha, he comes to show her how to plant it, she says she does not want to since her plant would not grow like that of Aayush,

Soankshi explains this doesn’t matter which plant grows taller as they have to take care of each and every plant equally otherwise they would not grow, Ishwari coming exclaims her mother is right since they have to be equally caring about each and every plant, Neha mentions it is not true as some plants which are not cared for since the childhood donot tend to grow, she leaves after pointing towards Ishwari, Dev asks Maa to not be worried as she herself advised them to not give any importance to her words.

Ishwar leaves with the children, Dev comes clone to Soankshi holding her hands from behind, they both get really close and even rub the mud on each other’s face, Sanjana walking in is not able to see them so close to each other, she apologizes for being so late explaining she was not able to control the pain, Dev asks the reason so she replies her stomach is aching so she came to have the altered diet plan, Soankshi replies it is ready and she cannot leave before having the donner, Dev in shock asks if she is her patient, Soankshi leaves mentioning it is like a friend.

Dev starts cleaning the table, Sanjana standing beside him starts wondering, he asks the reason so she explains it is really hot, he says that she can go and sit in the room, as the AC is working there, she starts wondering what she has done wrong.

Vicky is taking the picture of Sanjana when Alena comes asking why are they both giving her so importance, Alena questions why are they both giving so importance to her, Vicky replies it is because she is a really valuable asset of the company and Alena must not try to make it something else as Dev bhai has no feelings for her, Alena must not use her brain to make it something so wrong.

Sanjana is walking out of the house, Ishwari calls her from behind and greeting her questions what is she doing here, Sanjana gives back the tiffin when Ishwari exclaims it is feeling full, Sanjana mentions how she has brought the homemade sweets for her, she then insists on making Sanjana stay and have dinner with them, Sanjana sees both Ishwari and Soankshi playing together while setting the table,

On the dinner table Shuv asks if she is his friend, Ishwari introduces her to Aayush and Soha, while having dinner they questions why does she have their mothers ear rings, Sanjana replies she has her own pair, Soankshi also defends her when Sanjana reveals she saw her wearing them so brought them for herself, Neha exclaims she is looking pretty in them, Dev gets a call from the lawyer, Sanjana exclaims she has the pen and paper, while searching for it she drops the photo of Rohit Verma under the chair of Aayush.

Precap: Sanjana sitting infront of Dev exclaims how the heart desired to speak about it for so long but was not able to but now she can finally say I LOVE YOU, Dev is shocked to hear this.

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