Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Episode starts with Ahilya asking Khanderao what was he going to tell her. Khanderao asks do you really want to listen. She says yes, I will listen to everything. He says just talks won’t be useful, much has changed in 7 years. She gets shy and gets away to go.

Her saree gets stuck there. She asks him to get her go. He smiles and comes in front of her. She sees the saree stuck there. He asks what did I do. He says I couldn’t stop you, but you stopped. She smiles. He holds her. He cries. She wipes his tears. She says I have two reasons to get annoyed with you. He asks what’s that. She says you came after many years, you should have come straight, why did you attack the palace.

He says I was thinking a lot, how to meet everyone, I didn’t know how to meet you, I knew Malhar will come to find me, then you will be here to kill the enemies, I didn’t injure the guards, I just snatched their weapons, I had to make the meet memorable. She smiles.

He says you are very beautiful than I had imagined in my dreams. She smiles. She asks won’t you know the other reason of my annoyance. He asks her to say. She says I had made preparations for your welcome, you came empty handed, you didn’t get any gift for me. He says yes, I forgot, come with me. Tukoji says I need to talk to you. Khanderao says not now. Tukoji says he is still kiddish.

Rakma comes and taunts him. She says Malhar didn’t tell the plan to you, he doesn’t trust you. He says no, he had his own reasons, he didn’t even tell this to Gautama and Ahilya. She says Khanderao has come back, your imp will get down. He says I just have to protect Khanderao, I will always serve Malhar, I don’t want to take Khanderao’s place, I can’t get it, you accept this truth. Ahilya says Tukoji has seen us, what will anyone think. Khanderao says we had run like this before also, you didn’t say this. She says we were kids that time. He asks and now? You also feel it right, a lot has changed. He holds her hand. They smile.

She asks why did you get me here. He says I got a gift for you, I forgot to take it from the bag. She asks is this your horse, its lovely. Khanderao jokes talking to the horse. He says I have to give a gift to my queen first. He gives her the berries. She smiles and says I didn’t had this since long. He says that’s why I told it. She asks how will I eat now. He says I did this intentionally. He feeds her the berry. She says someone is there.

He looks around. He sees someone and gets angry. Khanderao runs and hugs him. Ahilya gets surprised. He says you got late in coming. The guy says yes. Ahilya asks who is he. Khanderao says you would be shocked to see me hugging you. She says yes. He says you always worry for me, he is my friend, he also worries for me, he isn’t just my protector, but my guide, brother and everything.

He says he is Parikshit, you were in my heart’s one half and Parikshit in other. Parikshit says you are meeting your wife after 7 years, will you introduce me like this, then she won’t like to see my face, its not good to compare me with you, I m just his servant, not a friend, I m an ordinary guy, I had the talent to swordfight,

Guru ji taught me and let me stay in Gurukul, I had just heard of kings and princes, when I met Khanderao, then I got to know how is a prince, its his greatness that he made me his friend. Khanderao says I will decide what you are, so I called you to Malwa. Ahilya says when Khanderao was in Gurukul, alone and sad, you supported him, right, you encouraged him and shared his sorrow. Parikshit says I had tried. She thanks him and says you made me indebted forever.

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