Mere Sai 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Mere Sai 27th September 2021 Dabholkar ji thinks of his meetings with Sai since day 1. He turns suddenly. The world will not know about your voice if neither I nor anyone else will write about it. You took away the fear that was in my heart since childhood. I want every kid to let go of their fears. I want everyone’s life to change just like mine has. Sai gives Dabholkar ji a small book (to write shloka’s).

You can write it now. Don’t write Sai’s story in what you have just realized. It isn’t needed. I am just a medium. God is the doer. I have done everything as per His askance. Write about the knowledge, the service that God has made me do. It does not matter whether Sai remains or not. God’s teachings should always guide people and invoke Shraddha and Saburi in everyone. Sabka Maalik Ek! Write it in this book.

Dabholkar ji is hesitant looking at the size of the book. Jhipri shares that Sai had asked her to make it some days ago. He also told me that the one who is going to write on it will be here soon. Now I have realised everything. Dabholkar ji smiles. That’s why you call me Hemadpant. You could understand my intention before I even realized it. Sai hugs him.

Dixit ji greets Sai and gives an official letter to Dabholkar ji that has come for him. Dabholkar ji shares that he has been told to return to Bombay asap. I must stay in Bombay in future.

Sarkar laughs. I said that I know enough people too! I have instigated British Government and they have asked Dabholkar to go back. He wont be able to stay here for too long. He wont be able to interfere in my work if he will just visit for a few days.

Sai asks Dabholkar ji what happened. He is hesitant about writing in Bombay. Sai tells him it will work out if he will think of God. It wont work out if you are hesitant. Think of what’s inside your mind. Dabholkar ji agrees to write it in Bombay. I have to start day after tomorrow. I promise everyone that I will write the first chapter before leaving Shirdi. Everyone folds hands happily. Sai blesses Dabholkar ji.

Dabholkar ji and villagers come to Dwarkamai with Sai Charit Manas. Villagers shower flower petals, clap and dance along excitedly. Dabholkar ji tells Sai he has completed the first chapter. It is dedicated to you. Bless me that I can spread the teachings everywhere. Sai touches Shree Sai Charit Manas to His head and blesses everyone. Bright light emanates from Sai.

A British Officer tells his juniors to be merciless. Stop any rebellion the moment it is about to step off. You will otherwise lose your fear. You should inculcate fear in their hearts. We aren’t just going to arrest revolutionary Maan Singh. We are going to set an example. Arrest / shoot anyone who will come in your way. His junior tells him that Maan Singh is headed towards Shirdi.

In Shirdi, everyone is making preps for Dussehra. Kids are excited to burn a bigger Ravan. Sai tells them that destroying the evil inside and around us is important. Don’t do anything wrong yourself and let anyone else do anything wrong either. Someone asks Sai how they can clean someone else’s heart. A bird seller (Ketan) greets Sai. Sai asks him how he is. He shares that he wants to feel free. I feel that I am under a lot of pressure. Sai asks him to sell them to Him. A kid asks Sai if He will keep it in Dwarkamai. Sai smiles. He pays Ketan the price of all the birds. Ketan is curious as to what He will do with the birds. Sai asks him and the kids to come with Him.

Officers chase Maan Singh.

Sai brings everyone to the inside of the jungle. Aren’t they beautiful? Everyone says yes. Sai asks everyone to think how to make them look more beautiful. Latika asks Sai to tell them. Sai frees the birds one by one. Everyone looks at Him in confusion. Ketan asks Sai why He freed them if He dint need them. Sai reasons that they were created by Maalik. They belong to Him. I only did what I was told.

Human beings and animals have an equal right to freedom. You felt helpless when you couldn’t earn enough to survive for the past few days. Think about how those birds will be feeling after being caged? How can we expect God to bless us after binding any bird like this? Ketan realizes his mistake and apologizes to Sai. Sai calls it nature. You aren’t the only one who does it.

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