Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th September 2021 episode begins with Nawab telling Vikramaditya he caught wind of Meerabai so came to hear her requests due his enthusiasm in this craftsmanship and gestures of recognition her phrasings which causes an individual to feel he is in paradise on this planet and departs.

Udabai says this is horrendous now foes have additionally started visiting Meerabai however Vikramaditya says he realizes Nawab accompanied no strategy except for to just hear supplications while individuals will not comprehend Nawab’s abrupt visit in that frame of mind to which their family’s pride might get obliterated.

The house keeper says a few servants have proactively started expressing incorrectly things about Rani Meera and he is smoldered asking her what is she articulating and she says Meerabai converses with someone at evenings which raises issue so in the event that he doesn’t really accept that then, at that point, mind his own and every one of them three actually look at sitting tight external her room and for quite a while nothing is heard so he faults the house keeper however later he hears Meerabai talking with someone making him incensed asking who is it inside.

Meera is conversing with her Prabhu asking when he’ll take her to his castle and her Prabhu hushes up hearing her grinning taking a gander at her however Raja promptly opens the entryway entering and asking who is it yet he sees no one aside from Meera henceforth asks her whom she was talking and she says her Prabhu yet he gets wild taking out his sword and Udabai stops him saying this is off-base intersection their Raj people group’s strategy going after their own Rani who is powerless and he cautions Meera saying this is her last opportunity to improve and she tells Udabai she can confront his assault with sword while her Girdhar will deal with her and he irately leaves from that point yet Udabai additionally leaves saying he mustn’t accomplish something wrong now in his annoyance which ought to be controlled.

Raj Vaidya carries curd blended in with toxic substance to Vikramaditya letting him know provided that two drops are downed by anyone he or she’ll kick the bucket quickly yet to not to utilize this which is heard by his gatekeeper as well and Raja tells him not to show him and he handovers to his watchman to give it to Meerabai for her the upcoming Bhog.

Following day morning the watchman is hesitant to give Meerabai the curd watching she is so simply occupied in Prabhu’s plan with her actual commitment so it was halting him however Meera sees him expressing out loud whatever occurred and he says he has brought curd for her Bhog and she applauds his assist taking it with keeping before Prabhu who likewise watches her grinning. The gatekeeper is leaving her room depressingly while this is watched by Udabai who asks him for what good reason he is feeling low and he comes clean with her by which she quickly rushes to stop Meera yet Meera drinks it which changes over her body into dark and every one of them are stunned watching this.

Pushpadant says Meerabai drank that toxic substance without thinking anything and Ganeshji hushes up describing him of future outcome.

Udabai tells Meera she drank poison given by Raja however she says she didn’t drink poison rather it was Prabhu’s Bhog and her body again recaptures her lost variety which shocks everyone and Udabai supplicates her commitment while the gatekeeper watching this leaves right away.

Raja is telling his better half nothing consequently off-base will occur through Meerabai as their pride will be more secure however she asks him what he has done.

Meera asks Udabai what she has fouled up because of which Vikramaditya did this and she tells her he doesn’t know about her dedication however just considered pride of his family and presently she has become mindful of her actual commitment so Meera tells Udabai inspite Raja gave her harm her Girdhar gave her his Bhog because of which now she can’t stop to move and sing petitions for him and she promptly ties Ghungroo and starts moving as well as singing yet hearing this Raja is stunned thinking about how might this occur.

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